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February, 26, 2012. Magnetic box, М1811, "Made in Germany", adhesion: 18 000 N

Now in stock in Moscow, in any quantities, 9 999 rubles (including VAT), discounts for a batch from 10 pcs.


  • Length: 267 mm
  • Width: 104 mm
  • Height: 60 mm
  • Weight: 7,4 kg
  • Threaded openings М16: 4 pcs.
  • Adhesion: 18 000 N

Dear ladies & gentlemen!

We are most happy to inform you that finally your hopes & expectation have come true.

We are sure that you are aware of the highest quality & reliability of the equipment of the Weckenmann Co., which enjoys benefits of advanced developments in its technical solutions & is a fashion law-maker in the sphere of the equipment designed for the production of reinforced concrete products.

The ever growing experience, successful global implementation & application of the most progressive achievements in the sphere of production processes yielded the Weckenmann  Co. framework solution.

With the variety of Weckenmann magnetic framework solutions a multipurpose magnetic switched box, mod. M1811 is used as a base.

In the magnetic box, М181, use is made of neodymium - iron - boron (NdFeBd) alloy as a magnetic element; which alloy is recognized as the most progressive material for the production of the world strongest permanent magnets.

The housing is made of a special German military secret armored tank steel.

Inner surfaces are coated with special protective varnish.

The mechanism of the magnet switch over key is designed so as to withstand mechanical loads & to prevent concrete access inside the magnetic box.

Warranty for 1 000 000 cycles of activation - deactivation.
The highest business standing of Weckenmann is your guarantee of quality & longevity!!

The first 10 customers will get a prize - the Weckenmann brand mug

For the rest - smile & firm handshake (for free).

Example of the magnetic box, type М1811, application.

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