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1-3 December 2015, Contech-2015 took place in Expocenter, Moscow

Companies, represented by ANTON OHLERT took place in the event:




Complete lines and separate machines for production of precast concrete elements both in residential and indusctrial construction ? Circulation plants? Long beds ? Battery moulds? Tilting tables ? Shuttering robots for placing magnet shuttering on pallets and removal ? Concrete spreaders? Wide-format plotters to transfer contours of future product onto pallets ? Cleaning and oiling systems ? Magnet shuttering profiles and magnet boxes? Surface smoothening devicex ? Installation and service.
 WECKENMANN booth on Contech-2015
complete plants to producer prestressed products: hollow core slabs, piles, l&t-beams, U-channels etc.
extruders (evo), slipformer (sf), wet-cast (wf) forming machines, steel beds, saws, cleaning-oiling-strand(wire) placing machines, plotters, concrete aspirators, traverses, single and group tensioning units

 Nordimpianti booth at Contech-2015
Perfect Base: manhole bases with prefabricated channels / benching and pipe connections with integrated gaskets;
Perfect pipe: pipes with plastic liner HDPE (1.65 mm), pressed into bell-ends of the pipe on both sides;
Automatic lines for vibropress production of manholes elements and pipes, channels other conrete products for infrastructure construction.
Pressure pipes production lines;
Foam-glass gravel production lines.

 SCHLUSSELBAUER booth at Contech-2015



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