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As the Azerbaijan proverb runs "There is no such thing as unperformed work". The project for launching a bread factory offering the complete production run implemented in Azerbaijan by Anton Ohlert Co. serves as a satisfactory evidence of the above saying.

The equipment presented in Anton Ohlert by Kaak, the Dutch company, is popular both in Europe & in Russia & CIS. However, this time selection of the supplier for the new factory was complicated by extremely high requirements placed on the project period as well as by responsibility for the result at the highest level. Brief note: the past year of 2014 in the Republic of Azerbaijan was proclaimed by Ilham Aliev, the President, as "a year of industry". Various commercial projects initiated & supervised by the Republican authorities were intended to assure breakthrough in the economy & to improve key indicators of the State advancement.

At first sight the task at hand may seem not feasible at all: the objective was to construct & launch the complete factory practically in the desert, "from greenfield", within the period of 7 months. It means that within this short period from the date of the contract signing it was necessary to completely develop & coordinate the project for the factory rigging, to produce the equipment & deliver it to Shamkir, the Republic of Azerbaijan, to mount & completely install and commission yielding the finished production by the visit of the top-level delegation. Respectively, design & construction of premises, connection of all necessary service lines had to be accomplished earlier.


We'll disclose a few details referenced below:

Within the framework of this project КааК Group (Holland) acted as a general contractor & in its delivery it incorporated all the equipment required for the proper functioning of the factory:

- line for the production of "social" bread (round hearth bread), Drie-M line designed for the production of range of bakery products from dough sheet, Benier line + DAUB thermooil ovens, for the production of hearth & tin types of bread, cooling towers, conveyer systems.

The following companies acted as sub suppliers:

- Zeppelin - Reimelt (Germany) supplying the equipment for flour bulk storage, pneumatic transport, batching, records of raw materials;

- San Cassiano (Italy) - equipment for dough preparation, dough mixers, bowls, tilters;

- Rondo (Switzerland) - equipment for croissant production;

- PS Mako (Germant) - automatic machines for packing/slicing of bakery products;

- PFM (Italy) - automatic machine for croissant packing;

- NIEROS (Slovenia) - equipment for disinfection, hand washing, etc.

- Brabender (Germany) - laboratory equipment.


All the necessary auxiliary equipment was also supplied, e.g., steam generators, compressor for compressed air, etc. Thus, the customer exercised responsibility only for the construction part; with due regard for the project period the customer had honorably fulfilled his promises.


By a long-term tradition Ilham Aliev, the President, personally attended opening of the factory & inspected the production facilities.



The President was very happy with the new factory & he even took along a few freshly baked croissants for dinner.



One more Azerbaijan proverb says "One lamp lights for forty people". All the project participants were exulted over joint success, on the new fine factory rigged with the up-to-date equipmentу which now will be serviceable for many years. The memory of its foundation will remain with us even longer as well as the joy of everyone holding the aromatic golden product with crisp, awaking dreams & new projects which we can also implement together!


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