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Following the unfailing tradition the New Year was marked by the major Moscow exposition, "Upakovka/Upakitalia 2015"which was arranged in Expocentre within the period of January, 27-30, 2015. Under certain strain the anticipated milestone event seems to have justified speculations of both skeptics & optimists up to a point.



As a whole the exposition turned to be a real hit featuring stability & abundance of exhibits among which the "Anton Ohlert" booth traditionally attracted attention due to its dimensions & the number of the world-level producers represented at the stand. Not a single day can be marked as unsuccessful; visitors occupied tables or gathered round the stand in a wavy pattern lead on by law of gravitation which only they were aware of.

If on a selective basis, via examples of several participants, we examine the results of the past year in more details & consider the sensate prospects of the coming year, KBA-MetalPrint is the company which invariably arouses particular interest:
KBA-MetalPrint Co. was happy with the scope of work with the Russian customers in the past 2014 which implemented their new projects or completed fulfillment of tasks set long time ago. In the past year lacquering lines were in keen demand; two of the above lines will be installed in Kalinigrad & the central region with a new lacquering machine, Metalcoat 480. This newly designed product enables the KBA customers to considerably reduce time for readjustments when switching from one type of lacquer to the other. High degree of automation of this machine also grants a number of benefits in achieving steady lacquering quality for both large- and small-scale orders.
A new printing machine, Mailander 280, was for the first time displayed at the "Upakovka 2015" exposition. Its first world display was successfully arranged within the framework of the Metpack-2014" show held in May 2014 in Essen, Germany. Now increasing interest in the machine is demonstrated by many Russian customers. The machine combines two technical concepts which previously could be realized only in separate lines: modular configuration on the one hand enabling to arrange the line of multicolor printing in several stages, and on the other hand - the outstanding print quality of the Metalstar press which is achieved by the integration of the relevant inking unit into the Mailander 280 machine.
The Russian companies take keen interest in the new system of air purification in lacquering lines. It bears the name of ECO. The system application enables to save about 60% gas consumed by the line without any installation. The following possibilities are afforded: delivery of the new line with the above system, outfit of the existing line with the plug-in afterburner or replacement of the air purification system of the previous generation with the new one.
Our partner, Soudronics Co., also produced an impression demonstrating positive vision of the future:
As is generally known further extension of the metal packing market leads to stepping up the competition among container-producing companies urging them to reduce production expenses, to improve quality of the containers under consideration, to switch over to the thinner consumables. The Russian clients of "Soudrinic" Co. are now in advantageous position due to the opportunity to adequately respond to the market demands.
High-efficient lines designed for the production of welded tin cans able to meet peaks of seasonal demand
within the short time still enjoy high popularity among the Russian clients.
Systems previously displayed at the International shows designed for the operation with the minimum tin thickness of up to 0,10 mm & welding speed exceeding 115 m/min are also available for customers cooperating with "Anton Ohlert".



FAWEMA Co. - producer of the packing equipment for dry bulk products and GABLER Co. - producer of the thermoforming equipment exhibited their developments & novelties at the consolidated stand of Anton Ohlert.
The stand was a place for presentations & discussions both with regular & new potential customers.
Participants were represented by many regions (the centre of Russia, the Urals, Siberia), by small- & large-scale producers.
Specific projects were discussed with a number of customers; implementation of these projects is scheduled for the current year.

Producers of nonfood products (pharmaceutics, beauty care products, household chemistry) also could not overlook our stand. Geography of origin - Moscow, Vladimir, Kazan, Krasnodar.
Interest was taken in the filling equipment, both for filling bottles/cans and doypack, also in tanks & vessels.
The issue of individual & collation cardboard packing remains a pressing question. Our expert in this sphere - Econopak Co., presented a new installation engineered specially for Siemens & designed for placing electric relays in the cardboard case.

One must admit that under present conditions most companies, by force of circumstances, monitor the market in order to survey the level of investments required for updating or expansion. Apparently, quite many companies mark time with respect to specific steps related to purchasing while simultaneously analyzing & studying the market & the current economic situation in the country as a whole. Irrespective of the late trends in shifting priorities of selecting suppliers from the countries of South-Eastern Asia the equipment of the "Anton Ohlert" partners is highly valued by the manufacturers of quality products.



Irrespective of any stagnations presentation of the Sollich-Chocotech Co. stand was again arranged as an eye-catching show due to the displayed samples of commercial units. Visitors could not pass up the stand of the WDS company well-known for its developments in the sphere of chocolate product molding. Advanced high-speed packaging from the Theegarten-Pactec Co. gains increasing popularity among the followers. 

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