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Bauma of the current year, traditionally arranged in the territory of Munich exhibition center, has set up a new record both in terms of exhibitors & area and the number of visitors.

During the week of the fair activity (April, 15 - 21) it attracted nearly 530 th. visitors from 200 countries. The Weckenmann Company stand experienced a huge inflow of visitors while many of them arrived from abroad.


The exposition, «Modellfabrik 21» displayed on our stand, as an example of the diminished pattern, has visually demonstrated to the visitors the resources for the design & engineering of  the Weckenmann production plants.


Considerable interest was aroused by our new film, «Weckenmann international», first shown at bauma. The ten-minute film presented a comprehensive & impressive picture of the highest technical level of the Weckenmann production & allowed to personally comprehend virtually the universal scale of practical launching of the Weckenmann machinery into production - from Saint-Petersburg in Russia & Koimbator in India to the reinforced-concrete products plant at the foot of Shvabish Alba. According to the spectators they were highly impressed by the approach of the company designers & engineers to the analysis of the specific operating environment in various countries & care with which individual demands of customers were considered, the way projects were finalized & implemented.

On the stand displaying formwork systems & magnets visitors had a chance to take each exhibit in their hands & estimate by touch the highest workmanship of the formwork element surfaces. For the first time a new magnetic box M2413 was presented to the audience; this novel device features the improved cohesive force as high as 24 th. Newton.

The section of cassette formworks also boasted of novelties. Large construction sites designed for building of new residential areas or the whole cities are considered temporary phenomena and, as a rule, do not afford a chance to construct traditional stationary finished concrete product plants in the direct vicinity of the construction area. On the other hand, delivery of constructions from central plants often appears unprofitable due to a long spread of transport routes. The latest development of the Weckenmann Company, «Mobile Battery Mould», completely settles the problem related to the production of finished reinforced concrete structures at the construction site by using transportable mobile cassette formworks & building temporary field plants on their base. Their compact construction allows producing the required reinforced concrete products offering surface quality on both sides identical to the quality of the formwork surface, with high efficiency, minimum energy consumption & maximum approach to the construction site.


One more novelty - vibro plant with magnetic fixation of formwork pallets - is the innovative solution for high-frequency sealing of reinforced concrete structures produced on circulation production lines. The system of magnetic fixation efficiently transfers vibration energy directly via the bottom part of the formwork pallet, thus ensuring high quality of the concrete surface with minimum duration of vibro sealing. Besides, the level of noise emission is considerably reduced (as much as 10dbA on the average).


The other interesting solution from the Weckenmann Company is a universal tiltable table suitable for the production of practically any finished reinforced concrete structures exhibiting a large surface area. Its main feature includes modularity of the construction as well as a vibro insulated supporting frame separate from the tiltable section. Such a construction allows to improve vibration performance, on the one hand, and to considerably reduce noise level & wear, on the other hand.

We are thankful to everyone who visited our exposition & contributed to our common success at Bauma 2013. We'll be happy to implement our new joint projects together with you.

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