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Plants for the production of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC)

World`s leading AAC production technology

Aircrete Europe is the leading developer and manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) machinery and technology for the production of AAC panels and blocks. With decades of experience and sales in over 100 different AAC plants on 6 different continents, Aircrete Europe designs and delivers the most innovative turn-key AAC plants and advanced AAC production technology.

Being a long-term, exclusive project partner for all customers, the company guides through all the steps of planning, building and operating an AAC factory. They are a full technology partner, not just a machine supplier, resulting in a far higher value service for all customers. The company constantly invests in innovation and process technology to optimize the production process and product quality.

Aircrete Europe builds the most advandec AAC production plants A

The uniqui Aircrete Flat-Cake cutting line is the heart of an Aircrete plant

The Aircrete brand is widely recognized for its quality and exceptional finishing and – as a result – products are sold against premium pricing.

Advantages of an Aircrete plant:

  • Flexible production process

High-volume, large-variety and just-in-time production of reinforced panels is possible (100% blocks are also possible).

  • Complete AAC product portfolio

Largest variety of products as the production process allows for more complex and thinner shapes and structures: panels of 40mm – 300mm thickness, up to 6m long and traditional blocks.

  • Superior product quality

Minimum cake handling and double-wired cutting technology result in high accuracy (<1mm tolerances) and superior Super Smooth product surfaces.

  • Energy efficient plant operation

Fewer handlings than (conventional) tilt-cake process resulting in efficiency, less breakage, and minimum energy usage for a low-carbon footprint.

  • Simplified machine infrastructure

Less cake handling results in simplified foundations and no requirement of overhead cranes.

Our partnership with Aircrete Europe as an exclusive agent for Russia and CIS countries, ensures success and strengthens our position as the representative of leading European manufacturers producing first-class equipment for the production of building materials. 

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