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Silicate bricks and blocks

Having more than 145 years of experience in the area of mechanical engineering, LASCO is an independent company that produces pressing equipment for metal processing and production of silicate bricks. LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH has become the leading manufacturer and seller of presses for production of silicate products for less than a decade.


The company is known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-efficiency systems for production of silicate bricks and bricks with silicate additives. The product range covers a wide assortment of presses for unilateral (KSE) and double-pressing (KSP), tools, rapidly wearing parts, automatic devices and turnkey plants.



Photo: KSP 1001 double-action compacting press for production of silicate bricks.


LASCO managed to bring innovations to the market and find an alternative for conventional cutting technologies for ready bricks to improve the competitiveness of silicate bricks versus other wall building materials. The company also managed to reduce the cost of products for its customers. The alternative found by the company was usage of PSP-type presses that allow for obtaining of any required geometry of a silicate block at the raw manufacturing stage with the following autoclaving of the finished block.


All presses have a really innovative design, as they allow not only to perform cost-effective cutting of adjoining blocks, but also to make products of any geometric shape. This method also allows to achieve significant savings in energy and raw materials in production of silicate blocks.


The companies' interest and demand for production of building materials, using LASCO technical solutions, is growing not only in Europe but also in such countries as Russia, China and India. LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH supplies turnkey plants for production of silicate bricks. One of such plants is the production plant in Kamensk-Uralsky (Russia).


Photo: Plant for silicate bricks production. Planned, designed and delivered "turnkey' by LASCO.


LASCO utilizes a client-oriented approach when working with the customers, seeking to best meet their needs. LASCO has its offices in more than 60 countries around the world in addition to the head office with 350 employees, located in Coburg / Bavaria. The offices work to provide technical support to all customers. The company has its own branches in the United States of America (LASCO Engineering Services, Detroit) and China (LASCO Beijing Office, Beijing).


LASCO has its own independent unit LASCO Multimedia Services to use all the possibilities of modern information technologies and broaden the range of services, provided to customers.


ANTON OHLERT represents the interests of LASCO in the territory of Russia. More than 40 presses have been delivered to this market for the last 10 years.


For more information you can contact both the company head office and our Moscow office:



Head office

LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH

Hahnweg 139

96450 Coburg


Tel.: +49 9561 642-0

Fax: +49 9561 642-333

E-Mail: lasco@lasco.de

Web: www.lasco.com



Moscow office

115093, Russia, Moscow

1-st Shchipkovsky per., 20


Tel. +7 495 961 20 61

Fax +7 495 961 20 71

E-Mail: pirogov@ohlert.ru

Web: www.ohlert.com


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