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Plaster and Mortar plants

Acmon Systems a member of ACMON Group de­signs and delivers "Turn-Key" Plaster & Mortar Plants, (plus, upon renovation/modernizations), providing highest standards in terms of quality, efficiency and flexibility related to the requested capacities, as follows:

  • Small and compact mixing plants up to 10tn/h in horizontal design, where there is a minimum space
  • Medium and flexible mixing. Large plants in horizontal configuration up to 50tn/h, when installation height and foundation requirements are limited
  • High-performance mixing plants up to 100tn/h in tower configuration, which minimize process and operational costs

Acmon Batch Plants are ease of expansion, contributing in overall Plant performance's im­provement by a given solid guarantee for the lowest costs, whilst the whole supplied systems are in fully compliance with assigned safety standards & machineries directives.

Moreover, Acmon Systems provides comprehensive control systems (based mainly on Sie­mens environment) and upgrades/ optimizations of existing ones. Upgrading can improve production quality while at the same time it reduces downtimes, increases profits and deliv­ers effective maintenance.

Acmon control systems consist of a powerful PLC with a SCADA system - are ease of expansion without production loss, and include several security interlocks, allowing process-based visualization, web-based access, recipe management, analysis of production data and high-performance batching.

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