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Twin Rollforming machines

Р24 and Р21


Increased productivity with P24 and P21


Roller forming blocks


Rollforming machines P21.100 and P21.160 use single roller blocks with one pair of rollers:

All rollers are made of the high-quality tempered steel and held by two heavy volumetric tapered roller bearings, used for high concentricity and alignment of the ends of rollers. The height of the upper rollers is adjustable, allowing for reinstallation of the instrument to compensate variations of thickness of a strip or compensate the wear. A rollers drive is a precise worm gear with spur gears. Lubrication is provided by a crankcase. Transfer of the energy from one unit to another is performed through hardened chain connections.


P24.080 series machine is produced of roller forming blocks, each having four or eight pairs of rollers, held by two conical roller bearings. Top rollers with adjustable hight, are driven by spur gears, lubricated in a crankcase.

The advantage of this machine is an opportunity of quick tool change. Forming blocks can be replaced entirely with rollers and their structure will not be violated. Position pins provide precise positioning. Roller forming blocks are driven by worm gears via a pneumatic connection system with lubrication, performed in a crankcase.



The photo:


  1. P21 with entry system for cut blanks.
  2. Runout side with section straightening device.
  3. P24.080 for rollforming strip.
  4. Control console and PC with user programme.
  5. Production line with two rollforming machines for automatic forming of control cabinet component panels.
  6. Feed and thickness monitoring systems for cut blanks with two specified thickness.
  7. Twin rollforming machine P21 with positioning motors and absolute angle encoders for automatic adjustment to different material thickness.
  8. Quick-change rollforming unit P24.080 arranged in blocks, each having eight pairs of shafts.
  9. Quick-change tooling facility by exchanging rollforming units.
  10. P24.080 worm drive with pneumatic cylinders for automatic coupling; guide-ways for the width adjustment system with covers.




DREISTERN twin rollforming machines are used to manufacture sections for a wide variety of applications:

  • profiled racks
  • refrigerator side panels
  • side and rear panels for steel office furniture
  • metal door frames
  • cable ducting
  • side panels, doors, rear panels and top covers for control cabinets
  • wall and ceiling panels
  • steel doors
  • facade cladding panels
  • roller shutter enclosures
  • profiled sections for building interiors
  • elevator components
  • strip lamp casings
  • cladding panels and top covers for freezers
  • sound-absorbing wall panels
  • wall panels for wet rooms


DREISTERN twin rollforming machines


P24. Rollforming blocks with the possibility of quick tool change.

Р21. With single rollforming blocks.




Technical characteristics












Max. thickness of a blank strip (tensile strength = 400 N/mm2)







Width of the material




min. 200 - max. 1,000, alternatively - 1,600

Vertical distance between rollers








Vertical stroke adjustment of the upper shaft



± 1

± 1

± 1

± 1

Tool width








Horizontal distance between rollers








Roller diameter








Adjustment of the upper roller axis




± 1,5

± 1,5

± 1,5

± 1,5

Linear speed of roller forming




40 (higher speeds - on request)


Twin rollforming machines P24 and P21 are designed for simultaneous processing of two edges of sheet metal blanks' strips.


Key benefits:


  • Four models provide full coverage of a treatment spectrum:
  • Any model can be chosen for different volumes of machining operations:
  • P24.080, P21.100, P21.125 and P21.160
  • Modular design:
  • System version and additional elements are selected in accordance with an order for accurate completion of forming tasks.
  • Stepless adjustable working width:
  • The standard variant includes one of two parallel rollforming bases, that can move through the system of regulating spindles. In some cases the unit can be equipped with a system of symmetrical width adjustment. Both systems are completed with a drive with a digital display, allowing for quick change between maximum and minimum values of the desired product. Units can include a function of additional choice of the width, activated from the control panel.
  • High performance:
  • The linear speed of a standard unit is 40 m / min. A drive unit, consisting of two electronically-synchronized direct current motors and gearbox, can be re-equipped for higher working speeds.
  • The process of blanks rollforming requires the minimum distance from one element to another, kept by special sensors.
  • Economic effect:
  • One continuously working unit can produce even long and complex profile parts with simultaneous processing of longitudinal edges, using high-precision rollforming methods.
  • Tools change:
  • The procedure of standard tools change takes place in accordance with DREISTERN plan of the instrumental setup when upper rollers are adjusted vertically and in accordance with an axle.
  • P24 machine provides for easy change of tools by replacing rollforming blocks without any disturbance of the rollers structure. It is easy and cost effective solution with precision maintaining.


Criteria for product quality and reliability of the system:

It is extremely important for all edges of blanks and roll strips to be fed into the system accurately for constant excellent quality of roller forming. Such measure provides long-term accuracy of positioning of roller guiding rails. Coarse adjustment of guiding rails is made automatically in case of setting of the treatment width. Precise adjustment is provided by individual tensioning devices with a digital display of positioning.



The front guiding system is reinforced with a side units control system, supplying rollers, and current supply control system, used in order to ensure rapid failsafe mode of operation in the process of roller forming, using sheet metal blanks. One guiding rail moves perpendicularly. The guiding rail is fixed directly opposite the edge of a blank pressurized or with a help of an electric motor, when a metal sheet blank is supplied to the table. Thus, the blank is supplied free and fixed under pressure in accordance with the same initial parameters of the edge, regardless of the tolerance width.

The roller supply system consists of drive and damping rollers, pressed against a blank pneumatically. A feed roller drive is a motor with a variable rotation rate, the speed of which is automatically adjusted in accordance with the linear velocity of a roller forming unit. 


The current supply control system ensures absence of overlapping in case of supply.

DREISTERN has been specializing in the field of design and creation of rollforming plants for four decades. It is a leader in this market segment. Our extensive experience in development of such units allows for solving the most difficult challenges of rollforming.

Today more than 1,000 DREISTERN machines work successfully all over the world. You can also make profit, using the experience and know-how of our experts.


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