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Thin-walled precision profiles

RA Series - High class of profiles forming

Profile forming plants DREISTERN - PA Series:

  • Supply lines for blank strips
  • Profile forming lines
  • Profile forming tools
  • Mobile plants for cutting of a continuously moving material
  • Fixed perforation
  • Production lines


Cost-effective manufacture of any production volumes

Market leader with unrivaled know-how technologies

User-friendly production process

Cutting processes are performed in accordance with customer specifications

Precision roller tool for profile forming

Optimal reconfiguration and tool change concepts

Forming of sections of shelves


Highly precise start-stop system for profiles forming for electrical wiring


High-quality roller tool


High precision roller tool for profile forming:

  • High dimensional accuracy and surface quality



  • Performed on CNC machining centers
  • The final goal is changeable after the series of tests


Optimal reconfiguration concepts:

  • Rapid reconfiguration by manual combination of forming racks
  • Patented automatic connection system for racks
  • Manual or hydraulic fixing of quickly-changeable cassettes
  • Hydraulic high-speed locknuts


Dreistern is a market leader in know-how and processing technologies of the best quality:

  • Optimized forming of materials with any characteristics
  • High accuracy of cross sections and surface quality
  • Use of special materials doesn't involve lubrication or lubrication is required in a minimum amount
  • Minimum strainer-hardening
  • Own department for rollers checking
  • Easy-to-replicate settings to ensure consistent section quality
Roller device for forming of light profiles


User-friendly control system:


  • Operator-CNC ergonomic system
  • Programmable geometry of profiles (length, width, pre- and post-perforation) and processing volumes
  • Built-in control system for the current production process
  • Main interface
  • Compliance with EU and OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration - The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health) safety standards
  • On-line diagnostics


Complex for production of profiles with a moderate thickness

Cost-effective production of any volumes:


  • Custom production lines, manufactured to suit individual requirements of customers
  • Power of the lines is up to 160 m/min.
  • Delivery of "turnkey" production-ready systems
  • Proven power of production processes


The mobile cutting process meets all the necessary requirements:


  • Fixed and mobile machines for cutting of a continuously moving material
  • Cold-cutting blades
  • Friction (circular) blades
  • Guillotine and double-acting blades
  • Circular cutting
  • Minimal amount of scrap (cutting wastes), automatic separation of defective pipe segments
  • Automatic change of saw blades during performance of the manufacturing process



Mobile cutting machine for a continuously moving material

Production processes:

  • Profile forming
  • Straightening
  • Cutting (perforation, shearing, sawing, cutting with a circular blade)
  • Pre-and post-perforation
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Product foaming with a porous material during processing


The area of application of RA series:

  • Profile forming in accordance with individual orders
  • Production of building materials
  • Production of window shutters
  • Production of metal door frames
  • Production of storage rack profiles
  • Production of lighting installations profiles
  • Production of electrical construction profiles
  • Production of cable lines
  • Production of slide stops and ball bearings
  • Production of automobile parts
  • Production of composite pipes
  • Production of composite profiles


Dimensions for processing and manufacture:

  • Material thickness - 0.1-5.0 mm
  • Width - up to 1,600 mm
  • Section height - up to 180 mm
  • Length - any
  • Tolerance for a cross-section - 0.05 mm
  • Accuracy of length tolerance - 0.1 mm



  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titan
  • Alloy of titanium and zinc
  • Copper


Loyal and qualified partners are the basis for maintaining and expanding the market position in conditions of intense competition.


DREISTERN accepts this challenge by offering the consistent quality. Our advanced technologies and know-how provide our customers with all the necessary tools to outperform their competitors.


More than 50 years of experience in know-how technologies.

Expert assessments of each phase of development and assembly. Solutions for the most complex profile forming operations. Excellent quality of the cross-section.


Cooperation with the customer at every stage of the project performance.

It is all DREISTERN - manufacturer of plants for upper class profiles forming.



Production of profiles, using laser welding and start-stop® technology


Laser welding with the use of a start-stop® technology

DREISTERN developed the first profile forming line with the use of a start-stop® technology 30 years ago. Such technology is unique and enjoys its well-deserved success. The start-stop technology allows for including of the unlimited number of post-production processes, such as perforation, stamping, compressing, bending, punching, and other technologies in a production line. The result of such technology use is production of a finishing profile, manufactured in one piece. Secondly, it doesn't require expensive post-production processes, thus significantly facilitating assembly and connection operations. The process of profiles roll forming stops in a special position for a short period of time in the process of start-stop handling. It is necessary to complete all necessary operations. The profile is moved by the rollers, moving at the full speed, immediately after completion of the aforesaid operations. Addition of laser-welded profiles to the production process helped the company to perform a "quantum leap" in the sphere of this technology development. Nowadays, laser-welded profiles can be simply produced with the use of a start-stop technology.

Used for production of:

  • Ultra-light profiles for the automobile industry
  • Body parts for vehicles with certain characteristics of accidents protection
  • System profile, used for various applications
  • Separators of ball bearings / frame profile / shelving racks



  • Possibility to include virtually unlimited number of operations in the process of the profile roller forming
  • High speed roller forming of the average profile even with a short length
  • Exact positioning of the line (start-stop ®) with high tolerance of post-forming operations
  • Secondary preparatory operations are excluded, simplifying the assembly process
  • Additional nodes are built into the line with no additional costs
  • Cost reduction: no need to equip the line with a mobile machine for cutting of the continuously moving material


We provide:

  • Prototypes of the first and small series
  • "Turnkey" constructions for manufacture and assembly
  • Semi-automatic lines for economically sound profiles production in small and medium quantities
  • Fully automatic lines for production of large quantities of profiles



Welding equipment

TRUMPF Lasertechnik powerful laser working with CO2, low-maintenance

Welding power

up to 10 kW, depending on the strip thickness and requirements for the welding speed

Welding speed

up to 25 m/min depending on the material and thickness of the strip


up to 60 units per minute (double cycle)


any sheet metal suitable for welding

Thickness of the blank strip

0.2 - 0.3 mm

Positioning accuracy

up to ± 0.2 mm


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