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Profile and Pl-Al-Pl pipes

RS Series


Number one in roller forming and welding

Installations for welding of tubes and profiles

High-frequency welding

Blank strips supply lines

Roller forming plants

Roller forming tool

VIA welding

Moveable cutting systems

Stationary perforation


Laser welding


High-frequency production line for gaskets for window packages


High-frequency welding

  • Welding speed - 180 m / min.
  • Applicable to the most metals



Cost-effective production of shaped pipes and tubes with tight tolerances


Scope of supply:

"Turnkey" welding systems, including UNCOILER rollers feeder, roller (seam) welding, built-in seams regalvanizing machine, folding mechanism, polishing mechanism, etc.

High-frequency welding

Plant for laser welding of tubes with a self-propelled intrusion beam

Laser welding

  • Excellent welding quality
  • Production of new types of profiles
  • Continuous and stitch seams, overlapped seams
  • Applying of two seams simultaneously by splitting the laser beam
  • Profiles and pipes are left clean and dry due to the minimal use of lubricant
  • Excellent surface quality of welds, not requiring further finishing
  • Can be applied to the most metals
  • Laser welding of pipe fittings



  • Complex profiles and tubes with high requirements, set towards the welds
  • Profiled (non-standard pipes)

Scope of supply:

Fully equipped systems, including feeders for blank strips, perforation (punching) and cutting devices

Welding technologies:

  • High-frequency welding
  • Laser welding
  • VIA welding - tungsten electrode arc welding in the inert gas medium


Высокочастотная сварка фасонных труб

Available cross-sections:

  • Round pipes
  • Rectangular pipes
  • Square pipes
  • Pipe fittings
  • Composite pipes


  • Diameter: 3 - 168 mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.15 - 5.0 mm
  • Ratio diameter/wall: 8:1 - 250:1


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titan
  • Titanium and zinc alloy
  • High-duty steels and aluminum alloys

Blank stripes feeders:

  • Uncoiler
  • Leveler
  • Device for cutting and welding of ends of blank strips
  • Bands accumulator
  • Preparation of edges of blank strips

Double-walled pipes welding system


VIA welding - tungsten electrode arc welding in the inert gas medium


  • Welds quality meets the highest requirements
  • Modern design of a roller tool
  • Precision components
  • High profitability due to high linear speeds
  • Suitable for almost all available types

Fields of application:

  • Precision pipes
  • Double-walled pipes
  • Aluminum composite pipes

Scope of supply:

"Turn-key" systems, equipped with additional equipment

Arc welding of double-walled pipes



The best technologies for forming of any material with any technical requirements

Optimal welding technologies for any goal

Cutting technologies, used under your requirements


Any pipe manufacturer faces certain problems in the process of maintaining and expanding its presence in the market, characterized by strong competition.


The solution to these problems is the increase of productivity and product quality. The use of DREISTERN technologies and close cooperation with our customers allow us to solve these problems.


More than 50 years of experience.

More than 1,500 plants, operating worldwide.


DREISTERN - Number one in roller forming and welding


Production of profiles, using laser welding and start-stop® technology


Laser welding with the use of a start-stop® technology

DREISTERN developed the first profile forming line with the use of a start-stop® technology 30 years ago. Such technology is unique and enjoys its well-deserved success. The start-stop technology allows for including of the unlimited number of post-production processes, such as perforation, stamping, compressing, bending, punching, and other technologies in a production line. The result of such technology use is production of a finishing profile, manufactured in one piece. Secondly, it doesn't require expensive post-production processes, thus significantly facilitating assembly and connection operations. The process of profiles roll forming stops in a special position for a short period of time in the process of start-stop handling. It is necessary to complete all necessary operations. The profile is moved by the rollers, moving at the full speed, immediately after completion of the aforesaid operations. Addition of laser-welded profiles to the production process helped the company to perform a "quantum leap" in the sphere of this technology development. Nowadays, laser-welded profiles can be simply produced with the use of a start-stop technology.

Used for production of:

  • Ultra-light profiles for the automobile industry
  • Body parts for vehicles with certain characteristics of accidents protection
  • System profile, used for various applications
  • Separators of ball bearings / frame profile / shelving racks



  • Possibility to include virtually unlimited number of operations in the process of the profile roller forming
  • High speed roller forming of the average profile even with a short length
  • Exact positioning of the line (start-stop ®) with high tolerance of post-forming operations
  • Secondary preparatory operations are excluded, simplifying the assembly process
  • Additional nodes are built into the line with no additional costs
  • Cost reduction: no need to equip the line with a mobile machine for cutting of the continuously moving material


We provide:

  • Prototypes of the first and small series
  • "Turnkey" constructions for manufacture and assembly
  • Semi-automatic lines for economically sound profiles production in small and medium quantities
  • Fully automatic lines for production of large quantities of profiles



Welding equipment

TRUMPF Lasertechnik powerful laser working with CO2, low-maintenance

Welding power

up to 10 kW, depending on the strip thickness and requirements for the welding speed

Welding speed

up to 25 m/min depending on the material and thickness of the strip


up to 60 units per minute (double cycle)


any sheet metal suitable for welding

Thickness of the blank strip

0.2 - 0.3 mm

Positioning accuracy

up to ± 0.2 mm


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