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Sun shutters

RT Series


Number one in roller forming

Lines for production of lifting shutter doors

(with metal racks removed with a roll)

Special quality requirements


Uncoiler with pneumatic disc brakes

Roller forming plant

  • proven DREISTERN technology used by the leaders in profile production
  • flexible quickly-changeable concepts provide short periods of time for reconfiguration
  • hard wear-resistant roller forming racks
  • accurate transmission of upper and lower drive rollers



Quickly-changeable cassettes and wheel with sensors


Blank strips supply device

  • dual uncoiler for quick change of material spools
  • rolls of material diameter is up to 2,000 mm, it provides long and continuous production

Material pre-heating device


  • material preheating temperature control to optimize filler curing time
  • rational energy-efficient pre-heating

High-precision roller forming stamps


  • geometry with tight tolerances and high-quality surfaces
  • manufactured with modern CNC machines
  • support system for profiles development
  • own department of testing and installation

Foam-filler unit

Foam-filler unit

  • reliable device for continuous operation in severe industrial environments
  • cleaning of mixing heads and nozzles is performed only during pauses in the production process, e.g. in the process of change of coils with material - No additional downtimes.

Solidification tunnel

  • exact dimensions of a tunnel are used to provide reliable hardening of the foam
  • controlled temperature in order to ensure consistent quality of foam


Block for profile flattening with quickly-changeable rolls assembly and location data reader

Perforation (punching) block


  • integrated into the production line, helps to avoid secondary and autonomous operations
  • accurate perforation on the basis of templates is performed due to rigorous direction of a profile and precise control system
  • optional: on/off button for performance of perforation in the manufacturing process


Foam solidification tunnel

Mobile block for cutting of a continuously moving material

  • Saw with a narrow cut, produced on the basis of a modern technology
  • Short cutting cycles - high speed production


Devices for cutting and packaging


  • Can be integrated into a variety of additional devices
  • Flexible line concept allows for taking into account any customer's requirements for production process




High-speed cutting device with an output table


The lines of these series are designed for production of:

  • profile systems of folding shutters
  • folding garage doors
  • industrial doors
  • special folding shutters with protection from hurricanes and break-ins
  • garden fences
  • folding shutters for vending machines (mobile and stationary)

Component units of the production line:


  • supply line for blank strips
  • preheater of blanks
  • roller forming plant
  • block for foam filling
  • foam hardening tunnel
  • narrow perforation device
  • movable cutting block
  • threading and packaging device

Profile dimensions:

  • Section width: 20 - 90 mm
  • Material thickness: 0.28 - 1.0 mm
  • Length of products is unlimited
  • Accuracy of lengths - up to ± 0,5 mm


  • aluminum or steel strip, coated or covered with plastic

Profile characteristics:

  • light-protected
  • quiet hinging
  • excellent surface quality


DREISTERN also supplies lines for production of door rollers, slide rails for shutters, and casings for blinds and shutters.

Technical specifications:






Material thickness:    Steel










Profile width, up to





Linear speed





Line length






World leaders in production of profiles use DREISTERN equipment


Even profiles with complex shapes are characterized by high quality and precision


We manufacture products of any width


Compact design takes up minimal space


We offer solutions only under customer requirements


Competitive cost of standard solutions



It is important to have reliable and qualified partners to maintain and consolidate one's market position in an increasingly competitive environment.


DREISTERN's approach is uncompromising quality. Our cutting-edge technologies and know-how help our customers to stay ahead of their competitors.


The experience accumulated for more than 50 years of work in all areas of machines and lines production allow us to provide solutions for the most complex profiles and high-quality forms with dimensional accuracy.


Customer-oriented help and support at every stage of any project is another typical feature of DREISTERN.


DREISTERN - number one in roller forming

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