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Roller molding

Dreistern GmbH & Co (www.dreistern.com) develops and produces equipment for manufacture of profile products by means of roller deformation. The equipment is designed and developed on the basis of requirements to the product or products. Roller forming production lines manufactured by Dreistern provide a full technological cycle, beginning from a roll of the metal and finishing with a packed structure. Roller forming production lines made by Dreistern may include components and devices of various types. These are elements of welding (HF, laser, contact welding, etc.), presses for punching, cutting devices, sheet bending machines, etc.

The architecture of a particular line, presence of a variety of devices, precision, performance and other parameters define technical requirements for products.

Our customers include hundreds of companies around the world, functioning in all the industries.

Areas of use of roller forming lines.


    • profile shelves
    • side panels of refrigerators
    • side and rear panels of steel office furniture
    • metal door frames
    • cable structures
    • side and rear panels, doors and protectors of control cabinets
    • wall and ceiling panels
    • steel doors
    • facades cladding panels
    • roller shutters
    • profile sections of interiors of buildings
    • parts of elevators
    • casings of streetlights
    • cladding panels and protective pads for freezers
    • sound absorbing wall panels
    • waterproof wall panels
    • profile systems of folding shutters
    • roll-up garage doors
    • industrial doors
    • roll-up shutters with a special protection from hurricanes and break-ins
    • garden fences
    • roll-up shutters for vending machines (mobile and stationary)
    • Profile forming in accordance with individual orders
    • Production of building materials
    • Production of window shutters, blinds
    • Production of metal door frames
    • Production of storage racks profiles
    • Production of lighting installations profiles

  • Production of electrical construction profiles
  • Production of cable lines
  • Production of slide stops and ball bearings
  • Production of automobile parts
  • Production of composite pipes
  • Production of composite profiles
  • Building materials
  • Lifting roller doors
  • Window shutters
  • Light protection racks
  • Ceiling panels and T-joints
  • Ventilation profiles
  • Window tabs, spacers
  • Automobile components

Contact information


In Russia.

Anton Ohlert GmbH & Co. KG


Yuri Kotov / Representative in Russia.


Address: 115093 Moscow,

1st Shchipkovsky per., 20.

Tel: 8 (495) 961-20-61, ext. 236.

Fax: 8 (495) 961-20-71.

Mob: +7 (915) 239-95-58

E-mail: Kotov@ohlert.ru



Address:Wichser Straße 9

79650, Schopfheim, Germany

Frank Gremmelspacher

Marketing Manager


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