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Metal forming

The equipment offered is designed for production of blanks used in various industries, such as automobile and aviation transport, medicine, tool manufacturing and others:

  • stamping with hydraulic hammers, hydraulic presses and screw presses, preliminary profiling of blanks on rollers and wedge rollers
  • sheet-metal forming with hydraulic presses
  • production of details, made of powder blanks for hydraulic presses
  • automation and mechanization of metal forming processes
  • modernization of old equipment at the customer's request

Our partner is LASCO company

Any company, manufacturing forgings and stampings, chooses LASCO equipment when it comes to complex processes of forms creation. Our machines are not only technologically intensive but also very reliable.

We manufacture the equipment under the technical requirements of every customer. It is the company that produces reliable equipment, operates in harsh conditions for decades that is able to solve any problems of pressure forming.

We provide the highest efficiency of production lines at the customer's request. We also offer turnkey execution of the order, including manufacture of hydraulic actuators, local systems of process control and automation systems.

Customers appreciate our flexibility and service system, known all over the world.

LASCO was founded in 1863.


Anton Ohlert has been representing LASCO on the Russian market for many years. The first projects were implemented in 1980-1990 together with AMO "ZIL" and OJSC "AvtoVAZ". LASCO jointly with Anton Ohlert have implemented various projects together with the companies of aviation and tractor industry in the first decade of the 21st century as well as various projects together with the companies of the transport engineering industry. Nowadays, various types of forging equipment manufactured by Lasco, successfully function in these companies:

  1. AvtoVAZ JSC - automated valves stamping line on the basis of a screw press in conjunction with electric heading machines
  2. Uralvagonzavod JSC - automated lines, based on hydraulic hammers
  3. Salut FSUE MMPP - electric screw press for compressor blades stamping
  4. Ufa Engine Industrial Association JSC, and Salut FSUE MMPP - electric heading machines for pre-profiling of blanks made of hard alloys
  5. Uraltrak JSC - hydraulic press for free forging of blanks

Types of products, manufactured on LASCO equipment:



Hydraulic hammers


HO-U double-acting hydraulic hammer, manufactured by LASCO and completed with a U-shaped bed, is designed for a wide range of forging operations and is an optimum machine for pressure treatment both from the process and from the economic point of view.

High efficiency of the hydraulic drive compared with pneumatic or steam drive provides significant energy saving.

Comparison of energy expenditures shows that the energy, required to operate a pneumatic hammer, is enough for four double-acting hydraulic hammers. The company supplies double-acting hydraulic hammers with the energy impact from 10 kJ to 200 kJ. Counterblow hammers are used if the necessary impact of energy is above 200 kJ. LASCO performs works on replacement of air or steam drives with hydraulic ones.



Electric screw presses



Electric screw presses are used for forming, straightening, hot and cold calibration of steel, aluminum and other nonferrous metals and high alloys. They are used for second pressing of products, made of powder pre-forms. Their characteristics make them perfectly suitable for precision stamping, including stamping with closed stamps.

The design of screw presses with a direct drive utilizes an electric power, used to accelerate a flywheel, mechanically connected with the propeller.

The use of a frequency converter in the power system can significantly reduce the load on the power line because of drive motors with low energy losses.

Basic SPR (with a slip clutch for overload protection) and SPP (with a shock-proof design, without a slip clutch) series, as well as a variety of optional equipment and wide range of accessories and systems for automation made by LASCO form high-performance solutions for any application.

SPR presses have a big tonnage and are very flexible for use and effective for performance of forging with a considerable degree of deformation. They allow for adjustment of the energy impact within the range from 1 % to 100 %. The equipment of these series is protected from overloads by a slip clutch, mounted between a screw and flywheel to protect the press from a possible damage of a hard slider in case of a contact with a table.

SPP series are designed for stamping with less deformation. The maximum energy, stored by a flywheel, is significantly lower than the energy of SPR presses. Therefore, special protection from hard-hitting and clutch slipping is not required.

SPP screw presses can be successfully used to perform operations such as calibration, stamping and slabs punching. SPP presses are used in the process of medical appliances and high-quality cutlery production.


Hydraulic presses



LASCO company offers a wide range of hydraulic presses of VP series, used for hot forging. VP presses are ideal for preliminary stamping operations, for example, compression, bending and pre-forming. VP presses have a wide range of compaction efforts, high directional stability in case of high off-center loads. Another distinctive feature of such presses is a great length of the slide rail, stepless variable speed of compression and press stroke, as well as high precision.

VPA model is primarily designed for working with large pressing force and can be used, for example, within the production line for stamping of automobile axle housings.

VPE presses combine capabilities of a hot-stamping press and a press for ironing, enabling, for example, production of gas cylinders.

KFP presses are used for cold forming and KP presses are used for semi-hot calibration.

TZP and TSP series are used for sheet forming, TZP series - for deep ironing with an optimal speed, TSP presses - for deep ironing with subsequent editing. Specifically designed presses allow for stamping of sheet materials in a hot condition.


Electric heading machines



LASCO offers three types of electric heading machines

  1. horizontal machines (EH type)
  2. vertical machines (EV type)
  3. special machines

All machines can work within automated lines, based on screw and mechanical presses for hot forming. The machines are widely used in the automobile industry for manufacture of engine valves, in the aviation and other industries, requiring preliminary profiling of blanks.

Heading force ranges from 2.500 to 10.000 kN.

Key features:

  • servomotor and CNC control system for the heading cylinder and support
  • free speed programming for the heading cylinder, reverse speed of the support and current heating value in the course of movement
  • constant heads temperature check
  • automatic blanks check
  • devices for automatic loading, unloading and transportation
  • no special foundation
  • no limit switches or stops
  • programmable memory of the management system with an operational system, management of production data and remote diagnostics

Machines for preliminary profiling of blanks



The modern world market puts special demands in the field of manufacturing of products, using the forging method. First of all there are the demands for efficient use of materials. QKW and RCW machines, produced by LASCO, are specially designed for pre-profiling of blanks and their use in automated and mechanized lines. QKW machines are the machines for cross-wedge rolling of round blanks. RCW machines are used for rolling of blanks with a square section. In some cases there is combined use of both techniques for the equipment.

Key features:

  • High rigidity of base frames
  • Separate rolls drive because of use of motors with a high starting torque
  • Hydraulic rolls suspension
  • Minimal periods of time for tool change (less than 20 minutes)
  • Rolls replacement without any auxiliary tools
  • Measurement and automatic correction of the gap between the rolls under the workload
  • High alignment of rollers

Means of mechanization and automation

Benefits of automated forming lines:

  • Process stability
  • Increased productivity
  • Improving the quality of products
  • Reduction of a number of rejected goods
  • Cost savings





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