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Machines for forming and sealing/gluing cartons

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The ECONO-PAK GmbH (EP) Company was founded in 1985 and has since then been owner-directed. For over 20 years we have been the leading manufacturer of the packaging machines. Our long-lasting experience and the constant development of the product range offer the possibility to provide our customers with packaging machines and complete lines including conceptual design, project planning and installation on site from one partner.We plan, develop, design and produce comprehensive packaging equipment and lines for special products in the food and non-food sectors. EP carries out the entire project including matching of interfaces. We can provide you with expert advice with account for individual design meeting your unique requirements. We take responsibility for the project implementation and remain your loyal partner.

Our services

  • Conceptual design
  • Project Planning
  • Development/ Construction
  • Procurement
  • Matching of Interfaces/Cooperation with Sub-Suppliers
  • Manufacturing/ Installation Assembly/Commissioning at the manufacturer's site
  • Assembly/Commissioning at the Customer's site
  • Personnel Training
  • Maintenance/Service


Construction on the mechanical and electrical level also ensures successful work. 3D process simulation enhances more precise communication with Customer and helps to achieve perfect results. The parts, particular from corrosion resistant materials, are manufactured by means of:

  • Fully automated tooling machines,
  • Fully automated sheet steel forming machines,
  • Laser cutting technology,
  • Water-jet slitting technology,
  • Surface finishing by means of glass-bead blasting technology.


Packaging machines for forming of paperboard blanks

The technical and practice-oriented concept of our erectors offers their wide application both as stand-alone machines, and machines, integrated into a packaging line.  Depending on the Customer's wishes and requirements our machines are designed for different formats and speeds thus showing high degree of variability. The ECONO-PAK carton erector forms flat carton blanks of various designs and carton qualities into boxes with or without lid. The formed carton box falls through the chute on the downstream conveyor system. The forming of the carton blanks is carried out by the machine thanks to forming tools for processing carton blanks.

Carton Blanks of different types and sizes

  • FA Carton Erector
  • FAI Indirect Carton Erector with intermediate gluing station.
  • FAI-S Indirect Carton Erector with intermediate gluing station and servo.
  • HFA High-Speed Carton Erector
  • HFA-S High-Speed Carton Erector with servo

The following tools are used for forming different designs of foldable cartons:

  • Locking tools
  • Gluing tools
  • Hot air tools
  • Shaping toolsEdge-Wep-type locking tools
  • Special tools


  • Well-reputed machine structure with standard components
  • Equally optimal carton image
  • Material-saving forming technology of carton
  • High availability
  • Quick change-over times
  • Little space required
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability from Econo-Pak for 10 years

Carton Closer

Packaging machine for automatic closing filled, formed cartons

The ECONO-PAK carton closer handles filled boxes which are made of coated or uncoated carton or corrugated paper in different qualities.  The carton boxes are closed by means of hot glue or hot air.  After personal consultation we decide whether our standard machines meet your technical requirements. There is a choice of different closing machines: one-flap, straight-line, angle or high-speed closer. When a machine is being designed special Customer's requirements are taken into account.


Types available:

  • Straight-line closer
  • Straight-line closer lugless
  • Single-flap closer
  • HV High-speed closer
  • WVE angle closer


  • Customer-oriented variable technical solution
  • Future-oriented package
  • High product competence
  • Maximum availability
  • Quick change-over of formats
  • Easy access
  • Wash-Down

HKS Horizontal cartoner

For automatic shaping, filling and closing of preglued cartons

The ECONO-PAK IDEAL cartoner is designed for automatic shaping, filling and closing of preglued foldable cartons made of coated or non-coated with plastic full cardboard.  High serviceability, quick and reproducibly format change along with a perfect technology, justify the investments into such cartoner.  Vast number of formats makes it possible to handle multiple packages from various product groups.


  • Well-reputed machine with standard components.
  • Delicate product handling
  • Quick change-over times
  • High availability of stainless steel structures.
  • Constant optimal carton image.
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Flexible Customer-friendly technical solution.
  • Future-oriented package
  • High product competence
  • Maximum availability
  • Quick re-adjustment

VKS vertical cartoner

Packing of small batches with variable magazine battery

The cartoner is designed for different products and their variations.  It handles foldable cartons made of full or corrugated cardboard with tuck in flaps on both sides.

The intermittently operating cartoner loads the pre-glued cartons from above.


The new ECONO-PAK and Ideal cartoner was designed on the Siemens AG order, Industrial Automation Department. It is a new generation of machine equipment which combines multiple machines and steps of the packaging process in one piece of equipment.


  • Fully automatic format interchange
  • Eight independent magazines for filling of different- or similar-type foldable cartons.
  • The magazines can be filled during the operating mode.
  • Product verification prior to its packing and product control at any time.
  • High availability and variability

Sleeving machine

Packaging machine for automatic sleeving of the products.

The ECONO-PAK machine serves for automatic sleeving of the products.  The pre-made sleeve blanks are laid so that the glueing flap is positioned on the bottom (inside). Following the Customer's requirements, we develop individual concept of the sleeving machine in cooperation with our design engineering department. Sleeve package offers possibilities for optimal presentation of our clients' products and, at the same time, provides material-saving technologies and appealing design.


Availability of various designs with the speeds from 60 to 150 sleeves per minute.

Depending on the machine type, sleeve type, quality of cardboard and product.


  • Optimal presentation
  • Material-saving technology
  • Appealing design
  • Promotional presentation
  • No labelling

Group packaging equipment

Case packer

The ECONO-PAK case packer is designed for packing various product types. The flat, unglued blanks are taken off the magazine and formed into a U-shape. Depending on the Customer's requirements, the products are accepted, ranged and pre-grouped. The product is inserted from the side. The package is glued and fed out of the machine.

Case packer varieties

  • Compartment chain for upright products.
  • Stacking device or robot for stack grouping
  • Robot for stack grouping and palletizing (depending on the speed)
  • Robot for M-hood and U-hood of tray blanks
  • Lid device for tray blanks


  • Well-reputed machine technologies
  • Optimal cardboard design
  • High availability
  • Quick readjustment

Product handling and conveyor equipment

The product handling and conveyor equipment systems are ideal addition to the elaborated ECONO-PAK machine programme. Thanks to our in-house conveyor equipment we are able to design customized lines. It goes without saying, that the parts for the line are designed and produced at the ECONO-PAK plant. Thanks to our extensive experience we are able to offer our clients complete technological solutions. In such frame conditions we willingly take part in designing a comprehensive concept of the line (e.g., technical advice, finding out details about interface matching, designing maquettes, etc.). Due to the installation and performance tests of the equipment in Flonheim, we can ensure a fast and smooth commissioning at the Customer's site.

Product Overview

  • Loading units with 4- or 6-axle ABB robots
  • Palletizing by robot
  • Line distributor
  • Line merger
  • Dynamic single-cyclicity with servomotor control
  • Pneumatic adjustment of single-cyclicity
  • Flap layer
  • Servo-controlled star layer
  • Sinkable or running hopper systems
  • Belt-type conveyor
  • Hinged belt or slat-type conveyor
  • Belt conveyor
  • Chain conveyor
  • Roller conveyors
  • Vacuum devices
  • Turning stationsStacking units and product grouping units
  • Pushing devicesOpen flap control
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