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Transportation systems

Our delivery programme for the palletizer offers:

  • Transport belts of various types and sizes,
  • Conveyor belts with and without length compensation,
  • Automatic pallet changers,
  • Turntables for maneuvering the palletized packs,
  • Servo-driven turntable for maneuvering all kinds of packaging up to a speed of 50 units/ min,
  • Automatic pallet magazine for 15 pallets,
  • Automatic paper or cardboard inserters,
  • Lifts with turntables for 2 full pallets,
  • Pallet stocking device for 2 half pallets to a support pallet,
  • Paternoster with pusher empty- and full pallet converter, and pallet turntables,
  • Storage places for complete pallets, complete units and much more.
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