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Group and final packaging

More than 50 years of experience in design and production of packaging machines give us the opportunity to use new ideas and technologies to remain a permanent leader in the final packaging area.


The Company production program covers the manufacture of:

  • Palletizers
  • Transportation systems
  • Multipacking machines


Lines are designed for installation of any type of group and individual packages (boxes, briquettes, bags and packets) on pallets of any size. Products are automatically palletized according to the chosen program.

The lines are universal as they can be used in any field of industry and customized according to the customers' wishes.


Nowadays, the Company's brand has gained popularity not only in Germany, but also in the Russian Federation, where the Stambera lines are being successfully used.


Stambera provides the full-term warranty and post-warranty service of the supplied equipment. Our vast experience enables us to promptly respond to our customers' requests.



Stambera Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
Erich-Herion-Straße 25
70736 Fellbach


Тел.: + 49 711 58 67 91
Факс: + 49 711 57 33 41
e-mail: info@stambera.de



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