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Machine programme



Large moulding areas

  • A large number of cycles due to kinematically optimized drives and wide moulding table. 

  • Enforced machine frame rigidity guarantees long service life of moulds. 

Different moulding technologies can be used

  • Forming and punching on moulds using flat knife 

  • Large mould areas for forming products with separate punching on a separate punching press

  • Combined moulds with forming and punching 

Flexibility due to quick format change

  • Quick mould change due to quick-detachable connections and automatic mould fixing system

  • Quick-disengage connections with marks for fast tool and format parts replacement 

  • The whole format interchange process is controlled via the menu 

  • All machine adjustments are motorized, to help the operator 

  • Automatic tool identification system 

  • External operation parameters recording 

  • After-sales servicing and remote diagnostics 

M-lines model range (e.g., М92)

Production reliability

  • Reliability of all components 

  • Moulds durability due to smooth drive operation and stiffness of the moulding station 

  • Optimal mould temperature stabilization   

Wide range of products

  • The biggest variety of forms of products and materials 

  • Delicate treatment of the products in the counting-stacking unit due to patented special design
  • Simple coupling into lines with the ahead equipment, such as extruder or preheater, and with the following equipment, such as flanging and printing machines and product packers. 

Quick format and mould change-over within 60-90 minutes

  • Simple mould interchange using special components incorporated in the moulding station
  • Prompt format interchange due to fixed marks
  • Easy access to the moulding table
  • In-built beam crane for mould and format set changing

User-friendly control and installation

  • Siemens S7 controller with dialog control that saves all process data and mould parameters

  • Easy and fast product optimization
  • Does not require large production areas due to inbuilt control panel and distribution cabinets


  • Moulding area: 750 х 436 mm
  • Drawing depth: max 200 mm
  • Compression force: 380 kN
  • Idle mode: max 48 cycles/min
  • Types of heating elements: Lower/upper ceramic heating elements
  • Tools: Combined moulds with moulding and punching
  • Control: Siemens S7
  • Options:
    • Servo- or hydraulic drive for mechanical drawing
    • "in-line" connection with extruder and automatic equipment
    • using special technologies, such as moulds with "minimum" amount of moulding air.


Compact - flexible - efficient


  • Low power consumption due to an energy--saving drive
  • Highly effective preheating system
  • Numerous operating cycles
  • Low investments with attractive cost-capacity relationship
  • Cost-efficient "just-in-time" production of small batches

Wide applications

  • Lids and containers on one machine with a stacking system
  • Combined moulds (moulding and punching)
  • Using multi-purpose electromechanical counting-stacking device for vertical and horizontal stacking

Quick change of the moulds - within 30 to 45 minutes

  • Easy change of the moulds
  • Quick change of the mould and format sets
  • In-built beam crane for mould changing
  • Quick-detachable connections for cooling water and moulding air.
  • Easy and convenient access to the moulds

User-friendly control and installation

  • Up-to-date Siemens S7 controller, that saves all process data and mould parameters
  • Dialogue control
  • Easy installation and connection, as the machine is delivered ready-assembled.
  • The entire format change-over process is controlled via the menu.
  • Does not require much space


  • Moulding area: 430 х 180 mm (max 450 х 220 mm)
  • Drawing depth: 125 mm
  • Compression force: 115 kN
  • Idle mode: 47 cycles/min
  • Types of heating elements: Lower/upper ceramic heating elements
  • Types of moulds: Combined - with moulding and punching
  • Control: Siemens S7
  • Options: Available with an "in-line" extruder, additional roller device for sheet heating and with automatic equipment

Focus M



A perfect solution for making small batches of products


Based on the extensive experience of thermoforming machine production, a new concept of equipment called Focus M was developed, which has introduced new scales of capacity, stability and ease of maintenance.

Focus M has been developed mainly to manufacture trays, lids, packages with flap lids and other items produced by thermal forming using any type of film.


This flexible system guarantees production of trays, plastic cups and lids. 


Due to the compact structure and 550 х 530 mm moulding area, Focus M is of particular interest for industrial facilities with medium and low production volumes. 


The new drive system, the combination of servomotors and lever-knee systems, ensure high-precision travel operations. 


Moreover, Focus M has highly reliable structure that assures maximum coupling force - max 500 kN.


The multistationary Focus M allows its optimum adaptation with account of the tooling based to any customer's requirements.


Ergonomic design combined with reliable mechanics creates great benefits to the client.





Focus M


Film width, max/min, stretched


620/270 mm


Formation area, max - 550 х 530 mm


550 х 530 mm


Drawing depth, max negat./pos.


120 /120 mm


Coupling force


max 500 kN




max 55


Upper heating power, max length 2.25 m at 100% duty cycle


40.5 kW


Lower heating power, max length 2.25 m at 100% duty cycle


40.5 kW


Electric drives, max at 20% duty cycle (with servomotor for stretching/drawing)


15 kW


Total power of connected electric power consumers at 60% heating duty cycle: about 20% for motors



85 kW


Operating air pressure


6 - 10 bar


Air consumption, max at 6 bar


5.500 litres/min


Water circulation, max


about 6 m3/h



Length (with unwinding device) width/ height, mm


10.200 (12.700) х 2.200 х 2.960


Weight, including 3 stations (excluding tools


about 11.000 kg

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