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Filling by product type

Packaging of flour, powdered sugar and cereals

FAWEMA has the largest supply program in the world of machines for packing flour and cereals. Over 1,000 plants were manufactured by now.

Depending on the intended application, different concepts of machines are offered:

  • For high-performance sphere, machinery, working with paper rolls,
  • For medium performance, flexible, working with ready-made bags or rolls of film
  • For low-performance with semi-automatic solutions.

All the machines have the high standards of service and hygiene.

The peculiar transportation system of the FAWEMA with an effective sealing of the product ensures perfectly formed bags. Integrated sealing unit allows to perform all usual types of sealing.

Various dosing systems, for example, screw weighfeeders or scales for filling, meet all the requirements related with the specifics of products. If necessary, flour mixes and cereals can also be filled in a protective gas atmosphere.

When productivity is up to 110 strokes per minute, bags can be handled within the range of formats from 50 to 380 mm in width, from 25 to 140 mm in depth and from 160 to 700 mm in height with weight ranging from 0.5 kg to 25 kg.


Packaging of sugar and salt

FAWEMA opposes to abrasive properties of sugar a number of constructive measures, significantly contributing to the well-known long service life of the machinery of FAWEMA firm. Machines of FAWEMA quickly and accurately process both the packaging material from roll and pre-made bags.


The combination of both the systems is also available.

Along with the traditional paper-based packaging, machines can work well with the film. Supply program is complemented with solution "Bag in Box".

The performance of FAWEMA machines for special varieties of sugar such as brown sugar, fruit sugar, gelling sugar, powdered sugar, candy sugar and sugar for tea has been repeatedly proven in practice.

Packaging machines of FAWEMA for sugar products process up to 135 bags per minute, and cover weight range from 0.5 to 25 kg. Bags sizes cover the range from 60 to 340 mm in width, from 25 to160 mm in depth and from 160 to 700 mm in height.


Packaging of tea

FAWEMA tea packaging machines were specifically designed in view of the high demands of the industry with regard to exclusivity, quality and careful handling of the product. They offer high performance and efficient sealing of the product.


Transportation system, sparing the package, provides also processing of packaging materials with a high gloss. Thanks to the modular design of machines, additional components can be optimally integrated, such as the seal of the product, card inserting device, labeling machine, etc. The change of formats and products can be carried out quickly and easily. As the packaging material depending on the requirements, both the combination of paper with aluminum foil and plastic is used. In this case, we can talk about prefabricated bags or bags, manufactured during the operation process from the film roll.

Tea is packed up to 120 strokes per minute with a mass of filling product from 50 to 1,000 g per package. Bags sizes cover the range from 60 to 120 mm in width, from 40 to 120 mm on bottom/side and from 160 to 400 mm in height.

Packaging of products for animals

Fast growing requirements of the industry to packaging materials, format sizes, products and types of sealing require flexible and easy to manage packaging machines. Due to the long experience and innovative technologies, the new concepts of machines appeared, allowing, thanks to their transportation systems sparing the package, also to process materials of paper and film with a high gloss.

By the use of servo technology in combination with industrial computers a wide range of products can be processed at high productivity of packaging. Quick change of formats, as an option made automatically with a click of a button, provides a very short changeover time and maximum flexibility in production planning. FAWEMA machines process both the material from roll, and prefabricated bags. Almost all the kinds of sealing demanded by the market are supplied, including the ability to re-close the package and with carrying systems.

Taking into account abrasive properties of cat litter-box fillers, in this case, the concepts of machines are used with particularly low wear and machines are made of wear-resistant materials.

At productivity up to 80 packages per minute with a mass of filling product from 0.5 to 25 kg, the filling is performed into bags ranging in size from 120 to 500 mm in width, from 70 to 180 mm on bottom/side and from 300 to 800 mm in height.

Packaging of construction mixes

With over 30 years of experience, FAWEMA is a competent partner in the area of constructional chemicals industry. Dust, different flow properties and abrasive properties of the filled material, along with a strongly fluctuating bulk density and the difficulty in sealing - these are the framework conditions for the development of designs of packaging machines.

Different vibration and evacuation systems, taking into account the specifics of the product, provide a high degree of the product sealing and excellent results of packaging. In the sector of large packages by filling the below the level of product, you can fill the bag almost without dust. Various kinds of dust-tight sealing, flat and high, can be manufactured. FAWEMA ensures trouble-free and effective stacking on pallets thanks to a good product sealing.

The number of strokes ranges from 5 to 35 units per minute with the weight of the filled product from 0.5 to 30 kg. Bags sizes cover the range from 60 to 380 mm in width, from 40 to160 mm on bottom/side and from 160 to 800 mm in height.

Packaging of household chemicals

Washing powders and cleaning agents are no longer packaged in the cardboard boxes that were widespread several years ago, at the moment flexible packaging material are used for these purposes. Such recyclable flexible materials are cost effective and help to reduce the amount of waste.

FAWEMA packaging machines for filling of such materials use package both from rolls, and prefabricated bags. The material is a film or multilayer film material.

The characteristic feature of the FAWEMA machines is division of the processes of bags manufacture and filling into bags. Before closing the bag the product is sealed. As the sealing of bag by ends flanging is carried out directly above the sealed material, a compact, smooth sealed bag is obtained.

Washing powders and cleaning agents can be filled at the rate up to 80 packaging units per minute with weight of the filled product from 0.5 to 10 kg. Bags sizes cover the range from 60 to 320 mm in width, from 40 to 160 mm on bottom/side and from 200 to 650 mm in height.

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