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Soudronic pail production line

The standard pail production line is composed of the following:

  • scissors for cutting sheets into blanks;
  • a welding machine;
  • a system for protection of the inside weld with powder or liquid lacquer and the outside weld with liquid lacquer;
  • an electrical or gas-fired drying oven and induction oven;
  • a cooling buffer conveyor;
  • a Bodiac assembling machine for operations with the cup: flanging and closing of bottoms, making the cup cone-shaped, curling of the other side of the cup, welding tabs for securing handles, fitting a handle with a grip, units for tab protection against corrosion, carousel-type testers for pale tightness, a drying oven for tabs, and a final stacker.



Generally, such equipment is manufactured only against an order, i.e. it is customized. A complete set and prices are to be preferably discussed separately and personally. We may give advice by phone. You are welcome! Do not hesitate!

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