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Soudronic tin can production line

Standard can production line

Today Soudronic supplies complete lines for production of can cups and lines for production of covers. First, the lines deal with sheet metal and finally they end in a palletizer/de-palletizer for final can packaging or feeding them directly to the filling site. 


The standard line for production of can cups (and aerosol bottles) includes:


  • scissors to make can blanks from sheet metal;
  • a robot for blank feed to a welding machine;
  • a welding machine;
  • a system for protection of the inside weld with powder or liquid lacquer and the outside weld with liquid lacquer;
  • an electrical or gas-fired drying oven and induction oven;
  • a cooling buffer conveyor;
  • an assembling machine to deal with the cup: scission, reducing, creasing, flanging, and closing;
  • a conveyor to the next machine;
  • a tester, where required;
  • a conveyor to the palletizer;
  • a palletizer/de-palletizer.
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