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KBA-MetalPrint combined lines

Modularity in the machine design can be used in other cases. We often receive requests from our clients who always have a low need for glazed and lithographed sheets, however, they do not have enough investments to make the first step. The first step means installation of a  glazing line and printing line. There is a combined line available to help solve this problem. It can comprise a single-colour or two-colour printing machine. It is immediately followed by either a glazing machine or an intermediate feeder used to disable or wash the printing machines when only varnishing is required.  The glazing machine is followed by an oven dryer that should be equipped with an after-burner, since the solvent vapor gets into the machine only during the glazing or finish coating process. After a few years of successful operation this production area can be extended:


  • You can leave the line as is and purchase one more glazing line or printing line. You can use the first line to apply the final paint or finish coating only.

  • You can separate the printing section (or sections) from the line and combine it with a new oven without an after-burner and, thus, obtain glazing line and a printing line standing alone. More printing modules can be added to this printing machine.

One can choose among these upgrading variants with account for the production increase and depending on the specific situation, total budget and idle time during the production.

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