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KBA-MetalPrint Printing Lines

KBA-MetalPrint can offer two different machines for printing on tin and aluminum sheets: Mailender 222 for single-, two-, three-  and four-color lines and MetalStarPR for  a multicolor line starting from 4 colors. The machines of the first type can be installed one after another not at the same time but long after. For instance, three of our Russian clients and one from Ukraine first bought our single-color lines and added a second printing unit a few years later . Thus, one can start to use new equipment and then go to a new quality level by paying for the "entrance ticket" half as large. 

MetalStarPR machines do not have such modularity advantage as the Mailander machines, but they have a feature making their quality much higher than that of any other machines in the world. This is the so called single grip. This phrase describes the principle of machine operation: a tin or aluminum sheet is not discharged from the grips when traveling through the printing units. Therefore, there is no alignment tolerance in the course of printing. The modular machines (such as Mailender) release the sheets after they pass each unit and freely rest on the conveyer until they are gripped by the following module. Mailender offers maximum alignment accuracy in its class but it is not zero, and the printing quality here is not as high as that provided by MetalStarPR.

Both types of printing machines can be equipped with gas and UV drying units.

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