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For many years, the German company ANTON OHLERT supplies to Russia and to the CIS countries high-tech packaging equipment manufactured in Europe.

Packaging equipment is known for its being in high demand among enterprises of the food industry. We offer a wide range of such equipment, including both automatic machines, and packaging lines for food, fat-and-oil, pharmaceutical, confectionery, chemical, cosmetic, construction and other industries.

ANTON OHLERT is always customer oriented - from design to manufacture of finished products. The main advantage of our equipment is its flexibility, high capacity, product protection and safety of production processes. We are proud of having wonderful partners and experts, as we do not only sell machines but also take part in creating package together with our customers.

Due to the growing demand for unit dose packs of the food products in the late 40's FAWEMA which we represent, focused its activities on development and production of dosing machines. FAWEMA also offers equipment for the construction industry.

One of the fastest growing market sectors is production of plastic packages and disposable tableware. We can recommend you the modern thermoforming equipment of GABLER which accumulated many years of experience in this field.

Over 50 % of the world production of canned products are packed, seamed and sterilized using equipment of JBT FoodTech which we represent.

More than 50 years of experience in design and production of packaging machines give us the opportunity to use new ideas and technologies, to remain a permanent leader in the final packaging area - it's all about the manufacturer, STAMBERA. Lines are designed for installation of any type of group and individual packages (boxes, briquettes, bags, and packets) on pallets of any size.

See our site to find any suitable equipment according to the product type or package type. Our experts are always ready to consult you on each offered type of equipment.

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