The problem of solid municipal waste (SMW) recycling is a challenge related to the resource recovery in the national economy turnover. As reported by experts about
40 % SMW are attributed to valuable raw materials which can be recycled & marketed. However, at present huge amounts of such raw materials are put on the scrapheap & the analysis of the current situation allows to refer to its political vector.

With a view to ensuring relevant level of control of SMW handling the RF government, until recently, passed its monitoring on to the municipal authorities. With introduction of alterations in the Federal law No.89 "On production & consumption waste" (meaning the adoption of Federal law dated December, 29, 2014 No. 458-FL) settlement of this problem has risen to a higher level: responsibilities in the area of SMW handling are delegated to subjects of the Russian Federation. Now municipal powers "participate" but not "make arrangements".

As to other lawmaking "garbage" innovations adopted late in 2014 primary consideration must be given to entry into force of the licensing of activities involving collection, transportation, processing, recovery, disinfection, disposal of waste featuring I-IV class of danger, ban on landfilling of waste containing useful components subject to reclamation as well as the provision on the part of the importers of goods for the disposal of waste resulted from usage of the above goods after loss of their marketability either individually or by payment of the environmental charge.

As is apparent from the above mentioned the major task of experts in the sphere of waste handling appears to be the development & introduction of safe & economically profitable processes of waste recycling. This must be done within the shortest time possible in order to prevent ecological disaster.

When settling the specified problem it is impossible to deny knowledge & experience gained by foreign colleagues in this area. As far back as three centuries, to be more exact since 1871, Anton Ohlert Company founded by Anton Ohlert, the merchant, who was born in Russia in the German family which resided in the German settlement, has been engaged in the delivery of the state-of the -art equipment. Initially the goal of the company foundation was to promote trade relations exactly with our country. The permanent mission of the Company was opened in Moscow in 1956 and in 1957 it had become the second German company (after Siemens) which obtained the formal accreditation for implementation of operations in the USSR territory.

Since 2013 the Company represents leading European producers of integrated lines & equipment designed for SMW classification, recycling of various types of waste (glass, organic waste, plastic, waste tires, wood, metal, paper waste, electric & electronic equipment) furnishing the Russian market with cabbaging presses for metal chips & swarf, screening machinery for glass & other bulk stock, air treatment systems designed for removing harmful compounds & odor from air, sets for reclamation of time-expired vehicles & recycling of light remains of shredding, crushing & screening equipment as well as facilities for classification & processing of polymer waste.

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