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Automatic Proof of Delivery

Close the loop: Automatic Proof of Delivery

With the increasing demand for suppliers to replenish stores during non store hours, the ability to check delivery of goods at stores decreases. Most "customers" don't want to have staff available to check suppliers during non store hours.  Suppliers want to make sure that all filled orders are also delivered in full and at the correct location.


Pcdata's Proof of Delivery (POD) application enables 100% proof of delivery for goods at specific customer loactions without the need for "customer" staff to be available at site during delivery.


POD is an extension to Pcdata's dockmanager application.  Where dock manager controls and registers the proper loading of vehicles, POD will check and control the unloading of product at the destination.  POD will check what and how much to unload and will verify the location where to unload. Next to that user (and his supervisor) will be alerted when something is unloaded incorrectly or something is left on the trailer where it should be offloaded. POD integrates with Distrib and Dockmanager, is very simple and straightforward to deploy and does not need any additional WAN or LAN infrastructure at the delivery locations.

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