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Dockmanager controls truckloading

Pcdata is currently rolling out Distrib dock manager at one of the largest bakery groups in the USA. Dock manager automatically registers and controls truck loading for outbound inter-company shipments. Combined with the batch tracking system embedded in the Distrib system load manifests are generated automatically and 100% accurate.

Distrib Dockmanager is the latest tool in the Distrib family designed for automatic, unattended recording and processing of goods movement transaction

What is it:

  • An application that uses auto-id readers to verify and process goods-movement transactions. Auto ID readers can be but are not limited to: UHF and VHF RFID readers, 2d Imaging Barcode readers, line barcode readers.
  • Unattended real time processing of transactions without manual operator input, the key of this tool is that all transactions (receipt confirmations, shipment confirmations, stock transfers) will be both validated and recorded without adding any manual labor.
  • Rules of operation can be configured, a real time integrated event management system enables greatest flexibility on how to handle exceptions.
  • Reader equipment can be configured, there are no brand limitations as long as the reader complies with standard international data bus systems. Protocol details can be configured in the system
  • Indicators can be configured, real time visual and audible alerts can be configured for local, office and remote alerting.
  • Integrated reporting and logging, including automatic Advanced Shipping Notification.
  • Integrates with the Distrib WMS database
  • Will also integrate with the pcdata S95 Framework and as a result with all mainstream ERP and WMS systems.

Currently we are using this system for fully automatic confirmation and control of truck loading enabling 100% accuracy on capturing inter company deliveries.

Following Video shows dock manager as extension to a standard Put to Light setup:






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