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Distrib WMS

Do you wonder why you need to produce more than you sell, why you need more labor than you want, why deliveries gone missing?End this now, take control of your business with Pcdata Distrib. Guaranteed to get the right product delivered at the right time and the right place with the least amount of labor.

Distrib Warehouse Manager is pcdata's Warehouse Management System (WMS) especially developed for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Big efficiency improvements can be realized in environments where customer orders arrive very late in relation to the time of delivery or where customer orders are placed multiple times per day.

But also when product availability is not known beforehand or does not exactly match the customer requirements, Distrib can recalculate the orders based on real time information to optimize order fulfillment and maximize customer satisfaction.

The Distrib Product suite consists of multiple modules including: Production count, Goods Receive and Storage, Paperless Dispatch, Labor Scheduling & Performance management, Dock Loading validation, Proof of Delivery and Crate tracking.


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