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Put to Light

Distrib Put to Light: efficient order picking for fresh bakeries!

Distirb Put-to-Light is Pcdata's paperless dispatch system specifically developed for wholesale bakeries. Distrib Put-to-Light replaces traditional paper-based shipping systems to capture customer and order data, necessary for loading and shipment of product to customers.

The amounts of product required for each order are shown on LED displays, which are installed above the area assigned to each individual customer.

20 years and over 800 projects after our first implementation our put to light systems has evolved and matured. We offer countless options to handle as many different scenarios, warehouses and distribution models. you can think of.



Paperless operation: Employees have freedom of movement because of paperless sorting and dispatching of goods.

Maximized accuracy: Dispatch errors caused by reading mistakes are eliminated, resulting in a reduction of the number of repeat deliveries and creation of accurate delivery notes.

Real-time recording: Dispatch activities are controlled and recorded in the system and all changes are automatically captured

Efficiency improvements: The biggest efficiency improvements can be expected in a time critical environment or where customer orders are placed multiple times per day. High productivity is achieved because of less errors and a quicker and more structured way of working. If products are produced, picked and shipped for the same load carrier, this method has speed advantages over Pick-to-Light.

Maximize customer satisfaction: Distrib Put-to-Light can recalculate the orders based on real time information to optimize order fulfillment and maximize customer satisfaction. Also when product availability is not known beforehand or does not exactly match the customer requirements.

Short payback period: Because less space is required and personnel is working more efficient, it shows that companies using Distrib Put-to-Light experience a payback period shorter than 12 months.



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