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Pick to Light

Distrib Pick-to-Light is a paperless order picking tool designed for quick and easy order picking. Pick-to-Light displays replace ordinary picking lists enabling operators to quickly and easily process customer orders. Besides guiding the picker to the exact location, the displays also show the precise amount ordered and require confirmation as each item is picked.

Pick to light is the fastest and most accurate picking system for fast moving products with short to medium shelve life.


In Distribution Centers with many SKU's Pick to light is often installed to handle only the fast and ultra fast moving products. These products represent typically 90% of the work in order picking. In these cases significant productivity gains can be achieved with minimal investments.

Pcdata has implemented pick to light solutions worldwilde in various industries including but not limited to: clothing, cosmetics, electronics, vitamines, coffee and multimedia content. The distribution models supported vary from direct web ordering through large scale chain store delivery up to order picking for worldwide distribution. Pcdata supplies Pick to light as turnkey solution but also offers OEM extensions for propriety webstore, ERP and WMS software.
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