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Tray washing systems

Kaak Crate Loading

Depending on the product and the way of packaging, the crate can be loaded automatically. This can either be done by pushing the products in or by means of pick-and-placing.

The size of the Crate Loader is determined by the line capacity.

Kaak Crate Stacker

In most bakeries, bread is being packed into plastic crates. They are supplied to the bakery in stacks and prior to packing, they have to be unstacked and washed.

The Crate Destacker, with automatic stack infeed, will lift the complete stack and take away either the bottom or top crate.

After loading the crate it will be transported into the Crate Stacker that will put all crates on top of eachother and (in most cases) will put the stack onto a steel dolly.

Kaak Crate Storage

With the KAAK Automatic Crate Storage System, the bakery warehouse can be fully automated. Crate are being prestacked prior to being stored on chain conveyors.

Different crate types.


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