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Molding, Benier

Molding machine, Benier MR500

A universal industrial molding machine presented in its basic design. The process of dough rolling is based on the benier molding principle; it ensures a wide range of production & its high quality. Working settings are simplified: only basic elements are installed. Therefore, this simple in operation & sturdy molding system is also cost-efficient.


  • Benier molding principle.
  • Simplicity in use (simplified & sturdy, however, retaining flexibility for a wide range of products).

Product specifications 

  • Dough weight: 150 - 1500 g
  • Molder capacity: 1000 - 3500 pcs/h
  • Dough piece length: 250 - 400 mm

Benier ME600

Recipes offering high percentage of rye and/or water produce an impact on the molding principle. Rolling into a dough sheet by means of a set of sheeting rollers yields the immediate sticking affecting the quality & efficiency. For this type of dough Bernier supplies the molding machine, ME600, for rye bread. On the conveyer belt the dough piece is rolled by the pressure roller. The belt conveyer equipped with a frequency controlled drive over the belt conveyer molds the dough bed into a loaf. Cleaning of this belt is performed by scrapes in order to remove the remaining dough & is dusted with flour to avoid friction with dough itself. Depending on the decoration it is possible to install a flour duster or a seed sprinkler between the pressure roller & the belt conveyer. Spilled seeds can be automatically returned into the machine collector for seed sprinkling.


  • Extra sturdy molding system
  • Special rigging for high consistencies of dough for rye bread with high percentage of water (minimum buildup of dough).
  • Free access for easy maintenance & cleaning.
  • Bypass for rounded products.

Product specifications 

  • Dough weight: 300 - 2500 g
  • Molder capacity: 1000 - 3000 pcs/h
  • Dough piece length: 250 - 500 mm

Benier MI600 (HDS)

Molding machine, type M1600 - a heavy-duty industrial plant complying with high quality standards of operation- is specifically designed for tin or free-standing bread. In HDS version belt conveyers of the molding machine are removed within seconds by means of the quick-acting releasing mechanism providing for high quality of hygiene & fast replacement of belts for high efficiency. Consistency of the process quality is achieved due to the unique principle of Benier molding.

In the dough preparation section before the molding machine we improve quality & efficiency due to a number of technical modules.


  • Functionality of the dough preparation section.

    • A preliminary molding device performs a preliminary shaping of dough piece for the production of a perfect cylindrical loaf.

    • Laser control unit is designed for monitoring double dough pieces & pitch between them.

    • A device for rejection of double dough pieces. - Pitch control belt conveyers.

    • A dynamic infeed belt conveyer for pitch control & centering of dough pieces.

  • Benier principle of molding

  • Operator-friendly operation (lack of complexity while retaining flexibility for a wide range of products).

  • Flour duster and/or seed sprinkler.

  • Steady pressure board with the attached side guiding.

  • A device for 4 dough pieces for the production of the traditional English toasts.

  • Systems ensuring precise panning: valves (even left right), tumbling belt conveyer, removable, etc.

Product specifications 

  • Dough weight: 150 -1500 g
  • Molder capacity: 1500 - 4000 pcs/h
  • Dough piece length: 250 - 500 mm.


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