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First proofers

First proofer Benier

In the course of engineering of Benier first proofers special attention was paid to the creation of ideal conditions for dough processing. The design & the materials are selected so as to completely meet process requirements.

Implementation of the proofer concept is determined by the following parameters:

  • capacity; also for the determination of the feeding system.
  • Residence time; content is defined by the volume. 
  • Climatization control; design & functionality depend on the dough guiding system & quality specifications as well as environment & the proofer volume.

Dough feeding systems

Single loader

Dough pieces are fed from the left or right side of the swing. With each rotation of the swing a dough piece is moved one position forward.

Double loader

From the centre two dough pieces are fed with each rotation of the swing. With each turn dough pieces are moved to the next position in the swing (both to the left & to the right).

Loaders - pushers

With higher volumes indexing of dough balls feeding is getting more important. In this case Benier recommends loaders - pushers. Dough pieces are fed into swings simultaneously in groups composed of four or twelve pieces. Due to synchronization of the speed of feed, strokes of a swing & a pusher dough pieces are positively placed into the proofer

swings by means of the HCI pusher.

Thanks to the unique design of the HCI pusher the belt transporting dough pieces stops precisely in front of the proofer swing position with maximum capacity of 9.000 pcs/h with initiation of the pushing motion.

PLC ensures reproducibility & control and also furnishes the process-related information.

Proofer design

The Benier proofers are made with the help of the smart modular system using high-quality materials. This resulted in the identity of the proofer component parts. The system with its clear lines is easily accessible, hygienic & durable. Plastic sliding windows on the front side provide for the clear view of the proofer interior.

As an option, the proofer can be equipped with a swing designed for 6, 8 or 12 dough pieces. Removable swings of the proofer are made totally of plastic preventing dough sticking, for optimal aeration. If necessary, sterile UV lamps can be installed in the rotary device. Pusher systems can be used only in proofers containing swings designed for 12 dough pieces.


Unloading systems

Depending on the selected configuration it is possible to adjust residence time for certain types. In each system a certain position of the dough piece in the proofer swing tray is used for dough transfer to the next stage in the correct position.

With the consecutive outfeed of dough pieces from the proofer it is possible to transfer them directly from the proofer to the next stage. The belt conveyer is capable of picking up several dough balls simultaneously. As an option, transportation from the proofer can be performed by means of 1, 2 or 3 conveyers.

Climatization control

The Climatization unit contributes to the optimization of the climatic conditions in the proofer & improvement of the finished product quality. Two types are available:

Recirculation system

For humidification of air in the proofer based on the proper temperature & relative humidity.

Climatization control system

With this system air is heated or cooled, humidifies or dried. Te proofer is insulated for the creation of ideal climatic conditions within the proofer.

A proofer featuring with lower volume is enclosed with the insulation facing and the frame with swings is normally faced with insulating panels.

The intellectual system of the programmable logical controller (PLC) ensures reproducibility of the external control of the relevant type of product & the required air composition (updating, temperature, humidity) free of unfavorable air flows or sudden changes. The air flow can be adjusted in terms of speed & intensity.

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