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Rounder Benier All Round

The name speaks for itself. This rounder is capable of rounding nearly all types of dough within the limits of the requirements. The combination of the cone opened design, multilayer teflonized & the controlled chute of a special shape resulted in the high efficiency.  The cone, soft or rigid, can be adapted to numerous variants for the fulfillment of the required task. Due to such design the amount of scrap is minimized.

Execution: south-west, south-north & south-east.

A special sealing between rounding tracks & the cone to reduce the level of dough gripping between them.

It is often used for dough balls designed for pizza, and is also suitable for soft & sensitive types of dough.

Standard version with central rounding track adjustment.

A wide range of versions like an outfeed belt, oil sprinkling, special synthetic plates with grooves  for higher volume of gripping, etc.

Machine specification

The machine is suited for the capacities of up to 4500 pcs/h and starting from 100 grams to 1200 grams (higher weights are possible depending on the capacity & dough consistency).


Rounder Benier C04-I


This machine handles soft (sponge) dough even with very low weights. The rounding quality is determined by the combination of the rounding speed & the shape of rounding tracks.

  • Execution: south-west, south-north and south-east.
  • Direction of rotation - clockwise & counterclockwise.
  • A special Teflon coating for the smooth rounding process.

Machine specification

  • Capacity - up to 6.000 pcs/h 
  • Weigh range - from 50 to 1200 grams.


Rounder Benier with V-belt

In case the dough consistency is too sticky so as to make use of  the rounder  with the cylindrical cone, the principle of rounding using the V-belt is used as a variant.

  • Rounding length: 2.000 & 3.000 mm.
  • Individual drives for belts, 1 of which is frequency controlled (reversible direction of the rotation).
  • Easily adjustable rounding tracks (frame height, distance & angle between belts) by means of handwheels.

In HDS version:

  • concept of easy cleaning for the removal of the rounder belt by means of the quick-released fixture (15 sec).
  • Option: flour duster with frequency controlled drive including signaling sensor (dough piece control).

Machine specification

  • Capacity: up to 3200 pcs/h 
  • Weight range: from 200 to 4000 grams.


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