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Dividers BenierDoughAssist

This series of dividers consists of one- and multi-pocket machines.

  • DoughAssist:  one-pocket
  • DoughAssistMajor: multi-pocket

Customer-oriented fixtures & devices are integrated into the Dough Assist design. This plant features strength, gentle handling of dough, hygiene & ergonomics in use. Due to the controlled volume of suction & regressive springs for the vacuum piston & knife dough dividing is performed extremely gentle & with a very high degree of accuracy.

As a standard the Dough Assist divider is supplied with a frequency controlled drive; the exterior is completely in stainless steel; hopper is Teflonized® & durable.

Upon request the electric cabinet is installed into the plant as an option.

The multi-pocket Dough Assist Major divider is basically equipped with the ON/OFF key & frequency control unit for the dividing speed & speed of the second discharge conveyer (steplike).

The "plus" version stipulates PLC control with the touch screen display. The conveyer discharge speed can be controlled by the frequency drive via PLC. Among other features, this PLC is provided with the function of counter, with the display of the capacity data, indication of the reference weight & the number of dough pieces produced.


Machine specifications

Minimum capacity of Dough Divider Dough Assist Basic is 420 products per hour, maximum - 1.500 products per hour.

Weight range depends on the pocket configuration; however, in general it varies within the range of 200 - 1750 grams.

Capacity of Dough Assist Major is 420 - 6000 dough pieces per hour depending on the pocket configuration. Variety of configurations based on the dough consistency is available. Weight range covers the range from 50 grams to 2300 grams.

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Benier dividers enjoy a high reputation all over the world for many years. The Dough Expert machine is also based on a long-tern history & vast experience.

The concept proven with time, universal use & industrial design suitable for the wide range of dough preparation processes. Durability, reliability, precision - these are distinctive features of this divider. "Never change the winning horse" - we followed this slogan, and, however, we kept updating the design & functionality in order to bring into line with actual needs & possibilities.

Let's start with the basic unit. The high-quality, wear resistant mechanism in the divider heart is started by the frequency controlled drive by means of the crankshaft which effects synchronization of the dividing process precisely & safely.

The divider can be improved by means of the programmable logical controller (PLC). Monitoring of all steps & setting of the recipe parameter (for reproducibility) is performed by means of the "on board" intellect. The operation of Dough Expert is simple since the capacity, the chamber volume, the number of products & discharge speed are preset per a recipe. Speed of discharge conveyers is synchronized to ensure the proper separation of dough pieces and is adjusted to various dough preparation processes.


Machine specification

Dough Expert can be configured with a wide diversity of pockets, with a convention size frame or even a frame in XL (wide body) with the dividing weight of up to 2200 grams.

With the divider continuous operation at 1500 strokes pet hour we multiply by the number of pockets & obtain the qualitative yield of the production.

A wide choice is offered depending on the product & the process (capacity of the hopper, conveyer belts, measurements of antistickness, etc.) in order to reach the optimal situation determining the final quality of your product.


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