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Bread production


This saying will ever be timely - irrespective of politics & economics.

The up-to-date bakery sector can hardly be imagined without reliable & high-efficient equipment complying with the advanced standards of quality & safety as well as the highest hygienic standards.


The equipment offered by us will not only provide for the strict conformity of your production with the present requirements but ensure its economy, efficiency & profitability.


The ANTON OHLERT Company represents the best manufacturers of the equipment designed for all stages of bakery products manufacture:


(Germany) - equipment designed for  unbagging, bulk storage, transportation & mixing of dry & liquid food components; including the latest system of the continuous dough handling, CoDoS®!


(NL, Germany, Italy) - a group of companies uniting manufacturers of the equipment designed for molding, proofing, baking & cooling of bakery products:

  • dough dividers, rounders & molding machines (BENIER, the Netherlands)

  • proofers of various types (KAAK,  the Netherlands & MCS, Italy)

  • gas-fired & convection ovens (MCS, Italy)

  • thermo-oil ovens (DAUB, Germany)

  • cooling tunnels & towers (KAAK, the Netherlands)

  • conveyers of various types (KAAK, the Netherlands)

(the Netherlands) - systems of the computer-aided (paperless!) stock-taking & order picking.


We'll offer you the equipment for the production of any bakery products - from simple (social) to complicated (multi-component, for health food, etc.)!

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