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Bakery products

Automatic processing of raw material - «ZEPPELIN / REIMELT» Co. (Germany)

  • Automatic systems designed for bulk storage, transportation & batching of flour, sugar & other bulk stock;
  • automatic preparation & batching of liquid components;
  • plants for the production & batching of sponge & starter;
  • continuous dough mixing machines;
  • recipe stations for the preparation of premixes, food mixes, spices.

Baking equipment - "KAAK GROUP" (the Netherlands, Germany, Italy)

  • Complete lines designed for the production of all kinds of bread: loaves, baguettes, tin bread,   toast bread, hearth bread, buns, chabatta, pizza.
  • Complete outfit of bread factories "from silo to dispatch".

Baking equipment - "Kaak" Co. (the Netherlands)

  • Proofers, decoration;
  • ovens, bread depanning;
  • transportation of bread & pans;
  • coolers for bread cooling;
  • freezing;
  • logistics of pans & trays;
  • logistics of chutes.

Dough make-up equipment - "Benier" Co. (the Netherlands)

  • dough dividers featuring high precision of dividing;
  • rounders, conical, cylindrical, belt;
  • seaming machines;
  • first proofers.

Oil-fired ovens - "Daub" Co. (Germany)

  • Bakery thermal oil - fired ovens equipped with telescopic carts;
  • multideck continuous & box  ovens.

Gas-fired tunnel ovens - "MCS" Co. (Italy)

  • Industrial tunnel gas ovens with mesh conveyer, standard width of the baking conveyers ranges from 2 000 to 4 000 mm;
  • industrial tunnel ovens with stone baking conveyer, standard width of the baking conveyers ranges from 2000 to 3000 mm;
  • industrial high-temperature tunnel ovens equipped with stone or mesh baking conveyer;
  • automatic proofers.

Dough make-up lines - "DrieM" Co. (the Netherlands)

  • Dough make-up lines for the formation of the dough sheet & production of various types of      bread based on the above dough sheet: loaves, baguettes, chabatta & similar products.

Conveyers - "Multiparts" Co. (the Netherlands)

  • Modular straight & rotary conveyers provided with the solid or opened plastic belt;
  • roller conveyers;
  • various types of plastic belts.

Pans & sheets for baking - "Kaak Bakeware" Co.

  • Pans for tin & toast bread;
  • Sheets for baking hearth bread, hamburgers, hot dogs, buns.

Bread logistics - "PCDATA" Co. (the Netherlands)

  • Computer-aided systems for the dispatch service & order formation. Reduction in time for the order pick-up, assurance of the preciseе & timely submission of the order to your customers. Fast return of investments.
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