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Industrial lines for the production of wafer products.



We are official representatives of this company for over 15 years.

The company was founded in 1898 in the town of Radebeul neat Dresden.

During the period of the GDR existence it has become the nationalized enterprise, "Rapido" & supplied its production to the USSR (about 1500 lines) via the "Nagema" concern.

In 1950 the second factory was built in Franlfurt-on-Mein & since 1978 - in Morfelden, its suburb.

In 1997 merging of two factories occurred: "Hebenstreit "in Morfelden & "Hebenstreit  -Rapido" in Radebeul. In January, 2009 both factories has become a single legal entity under the name of  "Hebenstreit".

Currently this is the oldest company engaged in the development & production of the equipment for diverse wafer products: all possible varieties of flat & shaped hollow wafers containing various fillings, wafer bread, etc.  Last century, in the fifties, "Hebenstreit" was the first company which had engineered, produced & supplied A line for the production of wafer balls to Great Britain.


"Hebenstreit"  is pleased to offer up-to-date compete automatic lines provided with ovens ranging from 28 wafer tongs,  300х500mm format, to 130- 350х730mm format & the capacity within the range of 100 - 2000 kg filled wafers/hour.


At present the largest wafer line of the "Hebenstreit "Co. in Russia is the line installed in the "Bryanconfi" confectionary (128 wafer tongs of the enlarged size).

Over the last years about 60 lines have been supplied to CIS countries (MBKK "Kolomensky" in Moscow, "Bolshevik", "Zolotoy kluichik"  in S-Petersburg, in Penza - to the confectionary & bread factory No. 4, "Nestle" in Perm, to the confectionaries in Lipetsk & Kursk, to the Ukraine - to the factories of the "Roshen" & "Kiev Conti" companies, etc.)


The "Hebenstreit "Co has representation offices all over the world & effects deliveries to global leading confectionaries. Only the factories of the Nestle Company are equipped with 70 effective "Hebenstreit" lines for Kit Kat products.


The "Hebenstreit "Co not only supplies lines for standard  & already popular products but it has gained reach experience in joint, with the customer, developments of novel wafer products & is always willing to share them with its clients.


Additional information on the company & its equipment is available at:




For any questions related to the "Hebenstreit "Co equipment, please, contact the Moscow agency, Mr. V. Ryabinin, tel. +7-495-9612061 (ext.215),

mobile tel: +7-915-1358602,

E-mail: Riabinin@ohlert.ru

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