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Biscuits and sandwiches

Funcakes and steamed cakes, pancakes

Company profile

Japan is known for its innovations and developments in cake cookie products. Masdac a family-owned company with over 50 years' experience in engineering and producing top quality tailor-made industrial cake and cookie production processes, machinery and turn-key projects. Despite the broad variety of our range, all products produced on Masdac lines have three key characteristics in common; they are unique, irresistibly delicious and add value to the category.

At Masdac we are specialized in the following processes

Baking processes by means of; Hot air baking, Electrical Baking and Steaming

Filling techniques: Depositing, Filling, Injection

Development of new products and processes

Personalization; patisserie level decoration, branding, merchandizing


Groundbreaking innovation in cake with a unique light bite and an intense flavor thanks to the Masdac patented steaming technology.



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