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Extruder for confectionary


Company profile


Extrufood is one of the world’s leading specialists in the engineering and manufacturing of extrusion machinery and peripheral equipment for the production of confectionery. Extrufood is well-known for the unique continuous production lines and tailor-made components, such as Cooking, Mixing and Forming Extruders, Diemixes®, Multi-color dies and Rotary dies, which are being used by confectionery market leaders all over the world.



Extrufood manufactures equipment for confectionery producers of:

   •          Licorice

  •           Fruit Gum

  •           Fruit Snacks

  •           Chewy Candy

  •           Hard Candy

  •           Toffees & Caramels


Extrufood has been the expert in extrusion and co-extrusion technology for the confectionery industry for more than 30 years. For this market we design complete production lines, all based on continuous production concepts, which are far more economical than the traditional methods. Our lines take less space, require less energy and labor, are more hygienic and provide larger quantities of a more stable product quality with the smallest weight variations achievable in the industry.

Extrufood production lines and its components enable production of confectionery with a unique amount of colors, flavors and shapes. With only one extruder we can make products with up to 6 different colors, combined with different flavors, and up to 3 color fillings.



Highest quality, efficiency and return on investment

 The Extrufood production lines and equipment guarantee the highest level of production efficiency, maximum quality of the final product and in the end the highest possible return on investment because of the following unique qualities and aspects:


  •           All processes are in-line: mixing, cooking, forming, cooling, sugar sanding and cutting

  •           All our machines are customized solutions for each client and its products

  •           Highest production yield

  •           At all times a consistent final product and minimal waste

  •           Changing from one product, color or shape to another within minutes

  •           Less labor cost, reducing the total cost dramatically

  •           Largely self-cleaning, so more hygienic and again less labor intensive

  •           Minimal maintenance cost

  •           More than 100% longer lifecycle of the machinery



Unique combinations of colors, shapes and flavors

Besides these unique quality and efficiency standards, Extrufood offers confectionery production lines with an unrivalled amount of colors, flavors and exteriors.  




Extrusion technology & test center

In a confidential and food-grade environment, new recipes and products can be tested, developed and evaluated for texture, bite, taste, color and shape consistency in our EXTRUCENTER. Of course our skilled staff of extrusion and confectionery engineers with hands-on experience will be at your disposal.



Tailor-made & no cure no pay concepts

 We will be pleased to show you our know-how, experience and quality. For over 30 years we have been active in R&D and in advising manufacturers about possibilities for (new) products and the processes and production lines to make them. Based on your questions and criteria we can present a non-binding tailor-made solution.




Extrufood B.V., 1620 HB Hoorn, De Factorij 40, 1689 AL Zwaag, The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 229 233815 E: info@extrugroup.com



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