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Universal system for molding of candies and candy bars

SOLLFORMAT KPS is a double piston extruder of the latest design suitable for all caramel, fat and fruit based materials which can be formed in plastic state.


Working widths: 400, 600, 800, 1,000 and 1,300 mm


Programmed PC-control system with a graphical user interface, combined with servo drives, provides for quick and easy reproducibility of any products and production settings.


Forming capacity depending on the material and its weight is up to 50 strokes per minute, corresponding to 100 product rows/minute.

SOLLFORMAT KPS with an upstream depositor for producing thin chocolate bottom first onto which the KPS deposits the soft praline mass. With this method of operation the traditional pre-bottomer or the pre-enrober are no longer necessary for producing a satisfactory bottom coating.


The pistons of the SOLLFORMAT KPS provide an exact product weight over the entire working width.


The SOLLFORMAT KPS is ideally suited for rope forming of fat containing masses. Each nozzle is separately fed by a piston pump. This ensures an unsurpassed uniformity in size and weight. Two-colour co-extruded ropes can be produced also. Capacity up to 3,0 m/ min rope speed.


High-performance SGU guillotine knife is recommended for across cutting of products with the width of 800 mm and more. The use of inclination cut is possible along with the usual right-angle cut.

Forming of one- and two-color ropes

SOLLFORMAT KPS-Duplex can extrude one- and two-color products. Replacement is simple and takes about 10 minutes. The layer with a third color can be applied optionally.

SGT guillotine knife

SGT guillotine knife can be installed on the existing conveyor system, determining its efficiency.


The knife has a mechanical drive with a speed control and includes a synchronous motion system. SGT knife is primarily used for cutting of soft masses. Its speed is up to 80 cuts per minute and the width is up to 800 mm.

SOLLFORMAT SPF + DPF - High-performance extruder for ropes forming

  • Ropes forming using fatty and sugar masses with accurate control of form and weight across the whole width of the machine
  • The rotating product infeed rollers and the die plate can be dismantled to facilitate cleaning
  • The feed hopper, the sides of the machine and all the rotating product infeed rollers can be heated or cooled
  • Adjustment for different product lines is easy due to the cantilevered, height-adjustable extruding head
  • Wide performance range, precision and easy reproducibility due to modern servo drive

SOLLFORMAT SPF + DPF is a high-performance machine for ropes forming. ZK pre-cooling unit guarantees desired consistency of the mass in case of its continuous transfer (eg., caramel mass).


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