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Deposition onto the belt


FROZENSHELL, the plant for the manufacture of thin chocolate shells creates new possibilities for confectionery items.

Deep frozen tools located on the carrier plate are dipped in a bath of tempered chocolate. Depending on the depth of dipping we can do different height of the chocolate shell. The tool plate deposits the shells onto a transport belt of the cooling tunnel. Semi-liquid bottoms of the shells are glued to the conveyor and therefore are not shifted during transportation.


In the following they can be filled with various fillings. Different shapes can be produced with readily interchangeable forming tools. Also, different sizes on one plate are possible.


The result of the FROZENSHELL-Technology is a thin-walled shell, which allows for the use of both creamy and even free flowing fillings.


Here is new potential for the producer, for products which previously has been possible by working with a far more expensive shell moulding plant only.



Filling and moulding

SOLLCOFILL is the name of the comprehensive range of depositing machines available from SOLLICH.

A primary application is depositing of fatty and sugar masses in or on biscuit and wafer bases. The SOLLCOFILL plant illustrated below comprises the automatic products aligning device and the double-row depositing plant, followed by a vibrating station and an automatic belt washing plant.


SOLLCOFILL offers a multitude of value added features to biscuit and baked products. This most avant-garde servo driven depositing and piping technology allows you to fill almost any baked product with fillings such as caramel, fondant, praline paste, jelly, milk and yogurt creams, chocolate etc. Further options are a laterally wheel-away depositing machine or the extension with a SOLLCOCAP sandwiching machine.


Biscuits or wafers can be fed into the plant semi-automatically via magazine depositors or direct from the oven. An automatic row alignment device ensures the products are fed accurately into the depositing machine.


If desired, depositing can be carried out using two colours simultaneously (‘one shot' technology), or a sprinkling device can follow the moulding process.


The SOLLCOFILL depositing plant deposits hot caramel or tempered chocolate onto a continuously running cooling belt, followed by the nut depositor which dispenses a measured volume of nuts and then a special "retro-moulder" which gives the item its final shape. The nut depositor is also suitable for depositing or inclusion of cherries, dragees, whole or crushed nuts.

SOLLCOCAP - Forming machine for sandwich products manufacture

The recently developed sandwiching system, SOLLCOCAP, is based on the SOLLCOFILL depositing system and, depending upon the throughput gives up to 160 biscuit rows per minute, i.e. 80 sandwich rows per minute.

With two seperate double row depositing machines, you can produce sandwiches with two different centre materials each a different weight.

Depending upon the throughput, each alternate biscuit row or each alternate double row is inverted on a special turnover table prior to the depositing process. There are various aligning systems used, depending on the product shape and the degree of disorientation of the arriving product, to ensure correct positioning before the turnover device and the depositor.


The sandwiching unit, SOLLCOCAP, is driven via a servo motor fitted with a band following movement, a newly developed suction system has made a significant reduction in the air requirement compared to other current systems. Where sandwiches are made up of asymmetric biscuit shell designs, the shell which forms the top of the sandwich can be turned through 180°.


The SOLLCOFILL piston depositing machine operating on either a fat based or a sugar based material guarantees a very precise deposit weight and volume. Each piston can be individually adjusted. All parts coming into contact with the product are manufactured from stainless steel. The jacketed depositor hopper is heated from an integral hot water circulation system.


Sollcofill Manifolds are recommended for use during processing of pectin jellies, marshmallow and aerated fat masses.


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