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Candies in chocolate cups


Frozenshell®   Chocolate shells for pralines

Frozenshell®, the plant for the manufacture of thin chocolate shells, creates new possibilities for confectionery items.

Deep frozen tools are dipped in a bath of tempered chocolate. Depending on the depth of dipping we can do different height of the chocolate shell. The tool plate deposits the shells onto a transport belt in perfect alignment. In the following they can be filled with various fillings. Different shapes can be produced with readily interchangeable forming tools. Also, different sizes on one plate are possible.


Frozenshell®l Duples Line 600 depositing onto one conveyor belt.


Zero position

Dipping in chocolate

Moving out and vibrating

Horizontal moving to the transport belt

Depositing position

Seperation with pressure air

The result of the Frozenshell® - Technology is a thin-walled shell, which allows for the use of both creamy and even free flowing fillings. Here is new potential for the producer, for products which previously has been possible by working with a far exprensive shell moulding plant only.

Shells deposited directly

into trays



Frozenshell Pralimat®  F



The Pralimat® F is the depositor for many different confectionery masses based on fat like nougat, gianduja, ganache and truffle masses.

The masses can be deposited in liguid as well in a tempered condition with the lasser being combined with the corresponding dragßin rollers and a wire cutter.

Shells from the Frozenshell® are

fed to the Pralimat® depositor

Chocolate pattie supports

The soft deposit for enrobing

Glossmaster® CTR-K


An ideal extension to the Frozenshell® line is the Clossmaster® enrober type CTR-K, which can be used to enrobe the filled shells should this be required.


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