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Stamped high-boiled candies

Chocotech GmbH Candy Lab houses production sized equipment for jellies, fondants, fudges, caramels, chewies, halwa, brittles, binders, marshmallows and fruit snacks. It also includes the PRINCESS range of equipment which is ideal for smaller type lab trials to assist in recipe development. Our lab trials are carried out by highly skilled Process Engineers who have gained a vast amount of knowledge in the field. Their knowledge and the state of the art equipment in the lab are the basis for a perfect product.The Chocotech facility in Wernigerode also includes an additional chocolate lab facility for the Frozenshell, Pralimat and Glossmaster line of equipment.

Princess - Lab equipment

Princess Candy is a lab batch cooking machine for masses cooking, pressurized crystals dissolution, pressurized cooking, vacuumizing, double vacuumizing, dissolving, whipping, fondant heating, etc.

It is used for laboratory trials when working with new recipes, or for production of small batches of the masses. The volume of the loaded batch is 3-6 kg.



Sugar masses for hard candy

Sugar free products

Fruit toffee

Masses for chewies

Pectin-, gelatin-, carrageenan and agar-based jelly

Arabikum-based jelly (also for aerated masses)

Jelly, based on starch, or combined jelly

Fondant masses, fondant cream

Candies and toffees

Fudge masses

Fudge and toffee aerated masses

Whipped masses for moulding, marshmallow.


Autograv® confectionery equipment, made by Chocotech

The complete weighting and mixing system suitable for sugar crystals dissolution


Autograv® product line includes a variety of equipment with the weight capacity of 150-750 liters; not heated equipment; warm water heated or steam heated equipment. The mass tank can be equipped with appropriate mixing mechanisms, depending on components of the recipe. High degree of crystals dissolution ensures weighing accuracy for any component.


Components, available in any recipe in a small amount, can be dosed volumetrically or using a screw conveyor ("loss in weight" principle). The weight microprocessor memory, integrated into a single product line management system, allows testing of up to 99 different recipes. All information about the production process can be checked on-screen, providing the ease of maintenance.


Particular attention is paid to the design, made in accordance with sanitary standards. The frame structure for the Autograv® system is made of the high quality steel pipes.


Sufficient distance from the floor eases and speeds up the procedure of cleaning of the equipment.

Weighing station

Loading and weighing of ingredients

Accurate weighing and mixing of recipe components, performed prior to the cooking process. Steam heated weighing tank dissolves sugar before mass is transferred into the cooker. The system can also be equipped with a homogenizer for better emulsification of fats or rehydration of milk powder and other dry or granular components.


Dry and granular components

Feed screws for crystalline or powdered components with an optional mixer, stirrer, dust extract system and batcher for small components.



Coarse and fine batching of liquid ingredients.



Batch size

Autograv A


Autograv B

With a cover for water heating

Autograv C1

Steam heated

Autograv D

Steam heated, including stirrer with scrapers


Cooking confectionery equipment

Carastar®, Chocotech company

Carastar® is designed for batch cooking of up to three batches per hour. The cooked mass is automatically transferred into the tank, mounted under the cooker. Then the mass is continuously fed into the further processing equipment.


Applications of the Carastar® cooker

  • Weighing and mixing
  • Crystals dissolution
  • Preliminary cooking
  • Final cooking
  • Caramelizing (soaking)
  • Vaccumizing
  • Tempering



Carastar ® is completely made of the stainless steel. It is mounted on a firm frame structure of tubes with a circular cross-section.


Such design meets all modern sanitary standards. Sufficient distance from the floor eases cleaning and maintenance. Spray nozzles for CIP-cleaning are included into the basic version of the cooker.


Batch cooking

The need for batch cooking of a caramel mass can have different causes:

  • Need for small batches
  • Low level of performance
  • Frequent switching between different masses
  • Process preferences of a customer



Carastar® can be made in different sizes and include the following additional accessories: tension sensors for automatic weighing of ingredients, vacuum installation, stirrer with the large shearing strength for better homogenization and fragmentation of lumps. Effective CIP-cleaning system, functioning by means of rotating spray nozzles, special valves, and a separate pump for flushing can also be included into the delivery volume.


Continuous cooker

The continuous YPP® cooker carrying out cooking and soaking simultaneously. The result is a good emulsified, fine, smooth caramel. The cooker is equipped with two counterrotating mixing mechanisms. Each mechanism has its own frequency-controlled drive, ensuring greater flexibility. The adjustable mass unloading platform supports changing of cooking time for the cooker and thereby affects the degree of soaking.

YPP® cooker and Autograv® weighing station


Thin Film Cooker

Sucrofilm® is a dynamic heat exchanger with scrapers, which is also a thin film cooker, fully meeting the "first in - first out" principle. The mass stays in the tank for a very short period of time. The caramel mass does not burn even in case of continuous operation.


Easily removable scrapers with a hygienic design, made of the material, approved for use in the food industry, are used for fast and efficient cleaning.


Sucrofilm®, completed with our new Caraflex® equipment is perfect for the candy production with a varying degree of soaking.


The system can be supplied with a different performance level of up to 2,200 kg/hr (for one cooker, depending on the recipe). The continuous production for 6 days in three shifts without further washing is possible for the system.




Caramelizing, soaking

Continuous caramelizing (soaking)


Flexible technological system for caramel production with varying degrees of soaking, meeting all sanitary standards. The caramel color may vary from milky white to dark brown. The heated tank is equipped with a mixing mechanism. The system allows using of the CIP-cleaning. Thermal insulation coating prevents heat radiation.

Chewmaster - Continuous crystallization of chewing caramel

Chewmaster is a system for continuous crystallization of chewing candies with sugar or sugar free. Chewmaster is equipped with various elements, depending on the recipe and desired texture of the final product.


Unlike the conventional processes, Chewmaster accurately influences the degree of crystallization, quality and uniformity of crystals distribution in the final product. The equipment allows for flexible control of the product texture.


Sucromaster represents a line for production of hard caramel masses with the capacity of up to 4,000 kg/hour. The central part of the machine is a discharge screw, connected with the vacuum chamber, influencing the functioning in conditions of the high vacuum. Such design allows for mixing of flavors, colorants and acids at low temperatures. The conveyor length depends on the required capacity. Parallel processing of two caramel ropes is possible.


Sucromaster is used for production of sugar masses for caramel with a huge volume of filling or without it, production of masses for hard milk candy, production of mixed and intercalated masses, medical caramel, as well as production of sweeteners-based caramel.


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