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Turn-key projects

General information

Anton Ohlert has been cooperating with leading German companies in the area of confectionery equipment manufacture for many years already, finding new high-tech solutions.

The work of professionals helps us to design, complete, install and service "turnkey" lines of any capacity, using the most advanced solutions and actively assisting our clients in the process of design and running of complex lines.


Specialists of Anton Ohlert engineering design department cooperate with equipment manufacturers to help you carry out installation and commissioning of lines, as well as to teach the staff. All the project stages, beginning with its planning and finishing with commissioning, are carried out by specialists of the company.


Fig. Mogul line for sweets production Fig. Line for moulding of items with "allsorts" fillings


As a rule all product lines produced by Anton Ohlert have centralized control with touch panels. All operations are synchronized and help to minimize the influence of the human factor.

Anton Ohlert cooperates with Alpina Techservice and sells individual machines, necessary for the gradual renewal of equipment and provides maintenance and customer service


Fig. High-performance line for one- and two-color items


Reliability of Anton Ohlert is proven by years of work of the company and the customer feedback.

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