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General Information

The most common packaging materials, approved in the confectionery industry, are considered to be paper, cardboard and corroboard.

Design and manufacture of packaging is a very important factor for further life of the product, determining the "fate" of the packaged product on all stages of its life cycle.

The stage of products packaging includes all steps of a packaging container preparation, positioning it in the area of packaging, products dosing, transportation of dosed products to the zone for packaging and sealing of the container. These basic operations and a variety of supporting operations are made automatically in various filling and packaging machines.

Availability and performance of filling and packaging machines is determined by their quality and quality of service, depending on the design of packaging, accuracy of its shape and geometry, set in accordance with the design of consumer packaging and type of packaged products.

Transportation of goods from the manufacturer to the consumer is a test of the whole packaging process, where a significant part is formed by packing of products into multipacks. All packaged products undergo stages of transportation, warehousing, distribution in the sales network, sales and consumer use.

Increased demands are set towards labeling of the transport packaging and labeling of the unit load. The labeling should provide automatic identification of packaged products.

The increasing number and size of modern supermarkets have had a great impact on requirements for packaging, set in the food industry. The necessity of having a rich assortment of products in well-decorated shop windows and shelves to attract attention of the customers greatly enhances the role of packaging in the process of products marketing. Nowadays, all popular supermarkets require a so-called "ready-for-sale package", providing rapid replenishment of goods on shelves due to the constant marketing of products, giving additional opportunities for advertising. Therefore the automated technologies are used to exclude the effect of the manual labor, as well as to reduce the cost of packaging.

The consumption stage is an ultimate purpose for which packaged products are widely produced nowadays. Therefore, it is particularly important to meet all customer requirements in the field of packaging and products packaging design. If the package is not convenient for opening, if it is difficult to get products out from it, if necessary measures for products dosing are not foreseen, if the storage of packaged products is inconvenient, and if there are any other causes of consumer dissatisfaction, then the products will not be bought the second time.

Therefore, the package is a main part of the product and it forms different requirements to the product and distribution process.

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