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Enrobing systems

Description of enrobing

Enrobing is the most common method of surface treatment for many products. Such method makes all products not only delicious and beautiful, but also increases their shelf life. Chocolate differs much from other confectioneries as a product, which is high in energy and easy to be digested.

The following types of enrobing are used nowadays:

  • natural chocolate coating - couverture, which is made of the powdered sugar, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and various essences
  • standard chocolate coating - includes cocoa butter substituting fats,
  • milk-chocolate coating with a low content of cocoa and with addition of milk powder,
  • nut coating made of grinded nuts.

Coating with additives (nuts, wafer crumbs or "blown up" grains) is a very popular option.

Enrobing systems are lines designed for covering the pastry with chocolate masses and chocolate entirely or in parts.

The systems include the following equipment:

  • Enrobing machine
  • Cooling tunnel
  • Coating preparation tank
  • Decorating device.

The enrobing machine is equipped with an electronic digital control system, also used for keeping of the coating temperature, temperature of water in the cover and air temperature in the work area.

The products are transferred into the cooling tunnel from the enrobing line, where the contact and convection cooling solidify thin coating layer.

Confectionery equipment

Enromat® - Sollich company

Enromat® M5 is a high-quality enrobing system of different capacity, different from other systems, with its perfect conformance to hygiene standards, easy cleaning and easy maintenance. The newest cooling process control system, controlling a cooling tunnel, can be adjusted to the desired capacity, and provides excellent products gloss and long shelf life. Modern computer control system with a graphical representation of information records all parameters of the manufactured products. It has the online summary about different control tips, used in "problem situations", and also recalls the need of maintenance, using the integrated control system for the working time. Enromat® M5 is available in working widths, varying from 820 to 2,600 mm.

Enromat® M5-CIP is the first enrobing machine, specially designed for intensive cleaning with the use of the automatic washer and dryer. The whole process is fully computerized. The basis of the principle of operation is the dishwasher structure. The cleaning effect is achieved by hot water circulation, performed under pressure directly from the nozzles. The washing process is completed by drying in a stream of warm air.

Specially designed hot-water circulation system is characterized by low energy and water consumption. The duration of washing and drying operations may be adjusted according to the degree of contamination.

Temperstatic® T5 - Sollich company

Sollich built its first enrobing machine with the integral circulation tempering in 1956. This was a huge success, with well over  1,000 plants worldwide. The circulation process patented back then enabled the viscosity of the chocolate to be maintained at a constant level for the first time and allowed enrobing machines to be operated for long periods without interruption. This resulted in greater consistency of coating weights and more economical use of chocolate. Continuous development over the years has culminated in the TEMPERSTATIC® T5 machine in our current range, which combines the TURBO tempering process with the SOLLICH circulation tempering process in a single unit.

Outstanding characteristics of the system: decrystallization, controlled according to the mass temperature, allowing operation of the equipment in a continuous operation mode, optimum preliminary crystallization of any mass, weight stability and uniformity of the coating layer, economic coating consumption, optimum product gloss, long shelf life, resistance to high temperatures, compact design, readiness to work within the period of 30 minutes.

Hygiene: the design, meeting all health and safety standards

Conveyor grill: with an opportunity of being lifted up (patented) for machine cleaning. Long service life of the grid belt, connected with the patented drive shaft.

Enrobing station for bottoms: uniform enrobing, using special roller. Easy cleaning, due to the open design

Enrobing station: with one or two devices for creation of a chocolate barrier. Adjustment of vertical and horizontal position, removable elements for easy cleaning.

Patented vibration table: structure with support brackets for uniform removal of the excess enrobing mass.

Blower operating within a tolerance of only +/- 1 % over the entire width of the machine. Conical hopper for even distribution of the air flow has a turning design for lifting of the grill conveyor (patented). The outlet of the special geometry design can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

Disjointing device: can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance; equipped with a magnetic support (patented).

Crystallization is guaranteed by the built-in Turbotemper® system.

The system embodies many years of experience and research. Controlled decrystallization with the following multi-stage crystallization, performed on constantly cooled surfaces, as well as long-time controlled second heating provide uniform and optimal tempering of chocolate masses.

Weight uniformity of the coating layer is provided by: stable chocolate viscosity, achieved through the circulating turbo-tempering method, developed by Sollich, using a device for application of the chocolate coating, calibrated over the entire working area, using of the blower unit, developed by Sollich (operating within a tolerance of only +/- 1%), using of the improved patented station for enrobing of the lower products surface and vibrating table. Integrated Turbotemper® provides the following effective performance while working with chocolate products: 300 kg/hr with a width of the conveyor belt of 820 mm, 350 kg/hr with the width of the conveyor belt of 1,050 mm, 400 kg/hr with the width of the conveyor belt of 1,300 mm


Enrobing technology

Quick change over of mass

GlossmasterR CTR has the frame wider on its sides, providing fully wheel-out tank. Mass change overs are readily possible due to the design which also helps to the ease of maintenance of the machine giving full access to each of its nodes. The most important positive aspect is the hygienic design of the machine.

GlossmasterR CTR


Model CTR-80
Conveyor width (mm) 820
Operation speed up to (m/min.) 8,0

Length of enrobing machine (mm)



The design of GlossmasterR is based on years of experience and characterized by various efficiency-proven solutions. Its outstanding characteristics are long-term reliability, low maintenance costs and its modular design.


Enrobing technology GlossmasterR enrobing technology provides uniform weight and quality of the coating, products gloss, as well as long shelf life. Full or partial enrobing of bottoms or full or partial enrobing of products is also possible.

Double trough version of GlossmasterR guarantees the same degree of chocolate tempering because of the continuous circulation of the mass. Both parts of the machine are water-heated and have separate settings.



Blower unit with an opportunity of the air flow calibration is adjustable in height and in the airflow angle. Pneumatic shaking device is regulated in its frequency and amplitude. Tempered chocolate mass, circulating without pulsations in the front part of the tank, forms a double barrier.


Enrobing technology

Even the standard version of GlossmasterR CTR ensures comfort of the customer

  • No-pulsation and uniform double chocolate barrier
  • System for enrobing of bottoms with adjustable height
  • Blower unit with an opportunity of calibration of the air flow, providing uniform coating weight
  • Pneumatic shaking device, adjustable in frequency and amplitude
  • Shaft for alignment of bottoms with a scraper
  • Long functioning period of the grid belt due to the use of the perfect belt movement system
  • Heated and height-adjustable shaft for "tails" removal
  • Accurate tuning of the mass temperature and temperature inside the machine
  • Fully wheel out tank with the mass
  • Hygienic design

GlossmasterR CTR-К

Model CTR-40К
Conveyor width (mm) 420
Operation speed up to (m/min.) 4,0
Length of enrobing machine (mm) 1300


Great attention was paid to the ease of access to all functional elements, measured facing and provision of sufficient volume of free space under the machine for fast and high-quality cleaning when designing Glossmaster®CTR.

The tank with a mass, taken out from the machine, with all accessories such as a pipe for creation of a chocolate barrier, circulation pump, return pump and the heaters. All the elements of the machine are fully accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

The built-in circulation pump enables the transport of chocolates and solid additives. Careful mass feeding and slight increase of its temperature, without pulsations.


Enrobing technology

GlossmasterR BT is a device for bottoms enrobing with a compound or chocolate


The module can be mounted into a circuit of the tempering machine, followed by the enrobing machine, in the process of chocolate enrobing. In such a way, only one tempering machine is needed for chocolate enrobing. Hygienic design plays an important role for this element.

The grid belt has a folding design, allowing an easy access to all machine parts and facilitating the process of cleaning and maintenance.


Model ВТ-40
ВТ-80 ВТ 100
Conveyor width (mm) 420
Operation speed up to (m/min) 8,0
Length of enrobing machine (mm) 800


Raising the grid conveyor for easy cleaning

The machine for bottoms smoothing is used to remove the excess enrobing mass from the bottoms of the product. As a result, a thin, nearly transparent film is left on the bottoms of the product. This element is often used for wafer products, requiring the appliance of slight coating.


Sollich Decormatic DecoratorR

for application of various types of dashed decor



The Sollich NBD unit is designed to sprinkle inclusions directly onto the product without having to sprinkle it across the whole belt width.


The Chocotech DecostarTM decorating system is ideal for perfect finishing. The servo drives unit allows a decoration to be made on the confectionery piece without contaminating the belt.

The DecostarTM works ideally together with the Sollich Minitemper® Turbo.


Universal cooling tunnels

The Glossmaster® universal cooling tunnels provide all cooling possibilities - radiation, convection and contact cooling. They can be designed as all-air-cooling tunnels or they can come with a water cooled slider bed under the conveyor belt.


Radiation or convection is individually adjustable in each zone, therefore coatings with tempered chocolate or compounds can be crystallised with the corresponding temperature profile.


The cooling tunnel is entirely insulated with bottom plates and U-shaped top covers from moulded polyurethane. This material combines the best possible insulation with the GMP-standards.



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