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Molding lines

General Information

"Real chocolate" is also a certain texture in addition to high quality raw materials and modern production technologies. It requires the knowledge of melted chocolate properties and laws of formation of a given texture of chocolate during its consolidation. Therefore it is very important to run a modern line for chocolate molding with the best equipment for pre-structuring of liquid chocolate and controlled casting conditions in the process of chocolate products manufacture.

Modern confectionery industry consists of the sections preparing masses, forming products and performing packaging. The process of products forming presupposes operations on transportation, molding, heating / cooling and tapping of products.

Chocolate molding equipment is a group of structurally united machines, connected by means of conveyors, designed for chocolate molding (with fillings and without it) and including the following operations:

  • forms heating
  • molding or filling of forms with doses of chocolate masses with or without filling,
  • doses sealing with the help of vibration,
  • cooling and removal of products from forms by tapping or vibration.

The company offers modern molding lines in accordance with individual orders:

  • lines for molding of chocolate products (single products, products with fillings, products with dual forms and "allsorts")
  • mogul lines (for molding of jelly and other products into starch)
  • lines for non-starch molding of candies and fondant make products (candies and soft caramels, fondant products and toffee)


Confectionery equipment


WDS machines for production of chocolate bars, series 273

Series 273 equipment is designed for the production of solid chocolate products: from favorite types of milk chocolate, chocolate, filled with nougat, and slightly bitter chocolate, finishing with the exquisite bitter chocolate for gourmets. Moreover the equipment can be used for production of chocolate with additives, for example, nuts, roasting nuts or almonds. Series 273 equipment is a new generation of high-tech production lines, characterized by a wide range of performance. The procedure of all functions control is significantly improved and optimized for the entire plant as well as for its individual components. Installation, maintenance and cleaning are very simple.

WDS Mini-Confec 272®

Mini-Confec 272 is a compact modular machine with the performance level of up to 250 kg/hr (5-10 molds/min.). It is intended for manufacture of solid and filled chocolate products.

The plant is completely made of stainless steel. Its characteristic distinguishing feature is simplicity of use, maintenance and cleaning. The basic module, working in a manual mode, turns on the system of infrared forms heating, machine for molding, as well as vibrating table. The installation of additional modules (such as a freezer module, device for products sampling, made from the forms, and systems of back transportation) helps to transform the plant into a fully automatic line with the closed production cycle. Fast adaptation of the production process (especially in medium-sized companies) to the changing demands of the consumer market.


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