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Tempering machines

Chocolate tempering

Chocolate tempering is the key element in the process of chocolate production. It is a long and complex process, requiring strict adherence to various process parameters. The secret of good tempering is in use of correct sequences of operations on heating and cooling of the chocolate mass. It is necessary to maintain the set temperature of the chocolate mass at each stage of this process, because its minor fluctuations can nullify all work results. The reason is cocoa butter contained in the chocolate mass. It is a polymorphic fat, crystallizing upon cooling and solidifying. It can take various forms, depending on cooling conditions.

Tempering is necessary to ensure that the cocoa butter is transferred into the most stable form. In order to do this the hot chocolate is first cooled to 28°C and then heated up to 32°C. The appearance and structure of the chocolate will change in case technology is violated at least during one of the stages of tempering. For example, characteristic white coating may appear on the surface. Such coating is a result of improper tempering and can reveal itself after a while. In addition, not properly cooled chocolate can become coarse and crisp. Its taste properties will be preserved, but the marketable condition will be ruined. The tempered chocolate has a shiny surface, which is uniform in color. Such chocolate melts in the mouth.

Confectionery equipment

Turbotemper ® Champ

There hadn't been any such significant technological breakthroughs in the field of pre-crystallization of chocolate as the Turbotemper ® Champ system since the development of the circulation tempering process by Sollich more than 40 years ago. Turbotemper ® Champ clarified all physical processes of tempering, denying many of the existing points of view.

The outstanding quality of the Turbotemper® Champ system is clearly seen not only in the process of production of pure chocolate, but also in the process of production of chocolate masses with a high content of milk fats or cocoa butter substitutes (CBS). The system can also be perfectly used for pre-crystallization of the refined cocoa butter.

The patented Turbotemper® Airo system is created for aeration or chocolate fillings.


Tempering machine, TTB type

The В version of the Turbotemper enjoys increasing popularity. It is compact in its structure and equipped with chocolate vibrating sieve, material storage tank with level control, adjustable chocolate feed pump, a decrystallization stage and the 3 stage Turbotemper® all making for a simple installation phase. Only one chocolate feed line is necessary from the storage tank. The machine is available as a mobile unit for smaller outputs as well.

The Sollich TTB tempering unit is the ideal unit for the Chocotech Frozenshell®.



Vibratory sieve

Chocolate feed hopper

Chocolate pump

De-crystallization stage

Cooling stage

Crystallization stage

Re-heating stage for melting unstable crystals


Minitepmer® Turbo


The name stands for a generation of Minitemper®, based on the patented and extraordinarily successful Turbo Tempering process.


Minitemper® Turbo machines are Freon cooled and have a patented control system for a constant degree of tempering.


  • MT 100
    Tempering capacity up to 80 kg/hr for up to 50 nozzles with ø 1.2 mm
  • MT 150
    Tempering capacity up to 120 kg/hr for up to 100 nozzles with ø 1.2 mm
  • MT 300
    Tempering capacity up to 250 kg/h for up to 200 nozzles with ø 1.2 mm


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