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As confectioners see it kitchen is a starting point of the production process where mixing & cooking of all recipe ingredients result in the production of a delicious & useful foodstuff.

The basic preparation stages include:

  • weighing & mixing
  • dissolution of crystals
  • precooking & final cooking
  • caramelization , vacuum-treatment & tempering
  • washing


With a wide variety of the equipment designs & processes for food preparation the process stability is ensured by complex systems for the component weighing & mixing & for dissolving sugar crystals including diverse recipe stations having the weighing capacity ranging from 150 to 750 liters & equipped with various types of heating systems. Depending on ingredients incorporated into the recipe they can be supplemented with relevant mixing devices.


In the process of cooking it is of great importance to ensure a high degree of crystal dissolution since this is an assurance of the precise weighing of any ingredients & to achieve an accurate dosing of components, currently this is effected in various ways by means of a weigh microprocessor integrated into the common control system of the production line.


Special attention should be paid to the execution of the cooking equipment in compliance with sanitary norms, to the quality of the equipment production & availability of know-how in the process. In this respect "Anton Ohlert" company, due to the fruitful cooperation with leading equipment producers in the confectionary sector, provides for the unique opportunity to observe the above criteria.




Jellymaster ® - is a continuous cooking system for jelly masses and marshmellow on the basis of gelatin, agar-agar, gummi, arabicum, pectin, carrageenan, natural and modified starch.


The cooking machine, specifically designed for jelly products, is a compact heat exchanger in the form of a tube bundle with a large heat exchange surface. The cooking machine is integrated into the hygienic frame structure together with the vacuum system and large volume vacuum chamber. The frame structure is a system of pipes, made of the high quality steel.


  • Capacity: from 1,000 to 5,000 kg/hr
  • Pressure control by pneumatic reducing valve
  • Automatic adjustment of cooking temperature
  • 3-way pneumatic valve with a return line to the supply tank

All elements of the Jellymaster® plant are synchronized with each other and controlled by the control system.

Jellymix ®

Manufacturing of jelly products in compliance with hygiene standards

Batching & mixing station for flavors, colorants and acid.


  • Batching & mixing station for flavoring agents, colorants, acid, fruit juice, milk, yoghurt ingredients and licorice containing cooked and vacuumized base jelly mass. The mass is fed gravimetrically.
  • Accurate weighing of all the components and mixing of masses (including creamed) up to  homogeneous state by means of special mixing devices, patented by Chocotech.
  • Management system memory stores all the recipes. Recipes reproducibility is highly accurate, even in case of continuous operation during the day.

Sucrotwist® Sucrofilm®

Continuous cooking in compliance with all hygienic standards


Sucrotwist® is a high-capacity compact cooker suitable for the production of almost all sugar masses.

The mass is fed via the heat exchanger upwards along the spiral-like channel against resistance of vertical steam-heated tubes.

The resulting turbulence and large heat transfer surface lead to the reduction of cooking time and improvement of the product quality.

Sucrofilm ®

Sucrofilm ® is a dynamic heat exchanger with scrapers, performing the function of a film cooker that fully meets the first in - first out principle.


The mass stays in the cooking space during a very short period of time. The high-boiled mass does not burn even in the course of continuous operation during the day. Hygienically executed easily removable scrapers made of the material approved for use in the food industry provide for fast and efficient cleaning.

Micron ®


The fondant beater for the production of fondant masses exhibiting the finest crystalline structure.

The additional mixing and tempering system enables to add flavors & colorants as well as to heat a ready-made fondant mass to the molding temperature.

From the day tank the mass is pumped to the Sucrofilm® film cooker.

After evaporation the mass is fed to the Micron® creamer where it is cooled, creamed and heated again to the molding temperature.

TURBOWHIP - Batchwise aeration

This machine is ideally suited for the production of creamed sugar masses.

Turbowhip is composed of two main parts:

Thermo-siphon cooker with a built-in coil for heating of the sugar mass. Cooking can be performed both at the atmospheric pressure and   under vacuum. Specially increased capacity of the cooker enables to vacuumize the mass so that it is not sucked by the vacuum pump.


For masses cooked up to the higher dry matter content the cooker can be produced with a heated jacket. The cooker unloading time is thereby reduced.


Besides, the cooker can be equipped with an additional mixing device.

The second part of Turbowhip is a creaming tank. After cooking & vaccuumization the mass is fed into the creaming tank together with a foaming agent (e.g., egg albumen). In the tank the mass is creamed up to fine-pored foam under pressure. Further processing is possible both in a batch and in a continuous mode.

Range of products produced using the Turbowhip cooker:

  • Creamed mass for bars (nougat)
  • Frappe
  • Marshmallow
  • Chewing caramel
  • Soft torrone
  • Montelimar nougat
  • Sesame halva
  • Solid torrone


TORNADO - continuous aeration

Tornado is a creaming machine working under pressure for continuous aeration of sugar masses. Its capacity can reach as much as up to 2,000 kg/hr depending on the required degree of the mass aeration.

RK 50 - Cooker for krokant masses

A batchwise device for melting and mixing.

Sugar caramelization.

Mixing of solid additives such as ground nuts or almond.

Max. capacity is  up to 50 kg.

Optimal cooking time: 20 minutes for a batch of 20 kg.

Up-to-date gas burner.

Separate drives for a mixer, mixer hoisting mechanism and boiler tilter for mass unloading.

Sucrorunch - Continuous melting / cooking / mixing.

Sucrorunch is a machine for continuous cooking of sugar masses and simultaneous addition of solid additives.


This machine can be used for the production of peanut or sesame krokant, solid creamy toffee, cooked at a high temperature, and various aerated products.


Sucrorunch can be advantageously used as a mixer for mixing of sugar masses, cooked at the high temperature with various additives. Transparent sugar mass is fed to the mixer and mixed together with seeds or nuts. Due to transparency of the binding mass additives are clearly visible.

Rotorstar - Continuous production of hard cream toffee.

Rotorstar cooker is designed specifically for the continuous production of hard cream toffee mainly consisting of sugar, butter and syrup.


Due to the high fat content the product offers a nice brittle structure despite the high temperature of cooking.


Up to 15% (of the total volume) ground nuts can be added to the mass and cooked in it.  Heat treatment adds specific flavor to the nut. The cooker can handle nuts having particle size of up to 5 mm.


By means of the Sollich SMC mixer a big amount of crushed nuts or whole nuts can be mixed in after cooking.


Due to the mass high temperature it must be fed to the Conbar line straight away. The mass color can be varied (from dark to light) depending on the cooking temperature and duration.


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